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Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Idea...

i just finished enjoying my school break..its time to go work tell u the truth, i cant wait to go to school again...there is so much things to do and yet so little time i got..sound so busy huh..but i bet all of u also feels that way..sometimes i wish i have more than 24 hours in a day but it's impossible..sometimes times fly very fast sometimes it is so my case, i need more time..i have to juggle my time between work and was different when i was a full time carefree and i was enjoying it every moment...sigh...!

but i managed to go to Melaka and attended my cousin's wedding...:D

with my beloved sis...

Selamat Pengantin Baru.....

and i really have no idea at this moment...thats why i put it as my title above...!and for TSS...thanks for encouraging me to write this post..your comment had made me going!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


maybe this incident has happened to any of u...he dumped u for other woman and then something strucked his head hard and out of sudden he realized that u are the ones he be careful...u might come and run back to his arms again but u might not...but these are the signs that your ex wants u back..whether u wants him back is up to u.. as for me u can go for second chance offered...if u can do that once u can do it one the other time...sorry dude!

1- He makes an effort to improve him or herself. To let you know they are doing their best to make themselves more attractive for you. This might include working out issues in your relationship, improving their appearance, getting a better job or working overtime/second job to become more financially stable, committing to personal/spiritual growth, becoming more sociable, etc.

2- If He wants you back, you can tell because He doesn't act the same with you, He is being friendlier. He starts to act the same as when you first started dating.

3- He has not looked for or formed any new relationships.

4- He has kept the communication lines open and has told you that they will remain open as long as you want.

5- He has extended an invitation to you to situations that bring you together with no strings attached.

6- He has let you know about the efforts they have made or are making to be a better person. He makes nice comments about what you wear and how you look.

7- He frequently makes phone calls, Internet messages or text messages you.

8- He Frequently tries to get your attention or start up a conversation.

9- He follows you around, but not in a stalking kind of way.

10- He can't keep their eyes off you!

These are just some of the signs your ex wants you back. Even if you have not received these signs yet. There is still a chance it might not be over. It may too early after the breakup to have received any of these signs.

but babes...there are so many drop dead gorgeous guys out there...and even if they dont look like a greek god, i am sure there are other better qualities/personalities
these guys can offer dont waste your time!!

hey...dont let me influence your decision okay!