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Monday, January 26, 2009

pray 4 me....

1. i was sick
2. been warded in hospital for 6 days.
3. very low hameoglobin counts - had 2 pts of blood transfussion.
4. couldnt updating my blog for now - will update it later - when i'm a lil' bit ok
5. just pray for my recovery
6. thank u

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year of 2009

today is the 1st january 2009...everybody knows that ...i dont want to sound like a broken record and say that this year i want to do this and i want to do that...that is called a new year resolutions babe..but to look back i did achieve some of it..and i dont have any regret even if i didnt achieve anything...

for a start, i managed to be a runner up for the Blog Idol competition (sadly, i didnt win the first place but still grateful) organized by bluedreamer.... but at the same blog.. i've been interviewed by him as 'The Interesting Blog of The Month December'. U can read the post here. And this is the award that i received from him...thanks dude..

and today (very very excited) i will bring back a new car for me to drive...i can tell u that this will be a new year present for myself..what car? errr that i will blog about it later...a very good start...

yersterday morning i went to school for a meeting and the principle has given us a warning not to wear a pants (for ladies) even if we still consider ourself in a holiday because the school only will be opened on 5th january and i was one of the teacher who was wearing a pants...isk isk isk...not a good start....

then yesterday afternoon i went for my masters classes for the first time..i drove all the way from Seremban to Serdang...just after i reached the toll plaza my friend called and told me that the lecturer was still on leave till the 5th January...not a good start...

during the school meeting also i've been told that one of the counsellor is going to further her study in one of the collage and she will be taking one year off...that means more work to be distributed among us.....not a good start...

on the way home i saw a catfish...yes u read it right..a catfish wriggling on the road (i dont know how on earth it ended up on there)...i stopped my car..scooped up the fish and threw it in the small river nearby..i guess he was lucky!! it was a good start for the fish...atleast he was not end up in the cooking pot somewhere!

well..well..well.. eventhough in the beginning things doesnt sound so good (except for the catfish) i still insisted to be very very optimistic that everything will turn out ok at the end...pray with me buddy!