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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why U Should Avoid World Warcraft Games

Talking about how this game can be dangerous to your life.

I am not anti on line games. In fact I love to play some of it. Especially in Mini clips. Games in this so called Mini clips are quite harmless. It is easy to play and after sometimes you will get bored and you can just dump it just like that. You are not hook or become addictive. Here are the lists why you should avoid World War craft games based on my experience. Mind you, I have two addicts in my family. They will do anything to play this game anytime and anywhere:-

1. This WW games are so addictive, they will abandon everything including their sleep and meal time. They so absorb with what they playing.

2. They become antisocial. They do not want to attend any ceremony, party or visit relatives and families. They are afraid if they go they will miss the opportunity to win anything in the game.

3. They can get angry very easily. After hours in front of the computer what do you expect?

4. They won’t let anybody use the computer or laptop. Fighting among siblings are normal

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 types of people i hate most

My general view aout human beings.

Well, I am not going to tell that I am perfect but everybody sure does have nasty experiences with this type of people. I can only list out ten types of people that I do not like and maybe you want to share with me about others.

1. Not punctual. This is the most annoying type of people that I have encounter. The excuse, ‘I am on my way’ means she or he still not leaving. Believe me.

2. Talk big. I cannot stand this type of people. I know you are rich but it does not mean you can brag about it to other people especially to less fortunate one. But most of the time this people does not have anything. They only talk big to cover up their weakness.

3. Women beater. Maybe this guy also being abused when he was a kid but it does not mean you can show your temper to a woman. If you are really strong then try your luck in the boxing championship.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

God Help, I Need Some Sleep

Writing about how insomnia can affect your life in so many ways.

I think I’m having a sleep disorder. It started when I had my fibroid removed few months ago.

At first, I do not have any difficulty to sleep. I’m not used to stay up late. At most time I will be on my bed by ten o’clock. Then around two or three o’clock in the morning, I will wake up and then I couldn’t sleep anymore. I used to think about so many things at that time. It makes my eyes open wider.

Then, I couldn’t make myself to sleep at all. My eyes will be wide open until morning. I try so many things in order to get some good sleep. You name it. Take hot shower, drink warm milk before sleep, use aromatherapy oil like lavender, count hundreds and so on. But still I couldn’t sleep. What’s the matter with me?

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hooked On Sydney Sheldon's Novel

I’m an avid fan of author Sydney Sheldon and I want to tell you why.

According to the title above I must admit I am a true fan of Sydney Sheldon’s novels. I have all the eighteen novels of various titles and the most favourite is The Other Side of Midnight. I cannot tell or describe my craziness of his novels and I cannot get enough. I feel very sad when he passed away because i know i could not get myself any new novel from him. Let me tell you why Sydney Sheldon’s novels are addictive.

1. The main character in the novel is a woman. In all of his novel, Sydney Sheldon was portraying a woman as a hero who overcomes any hardness and struggle in life. I always imagine or putting myself in the character shoes and imagine myself as the hero.

2. The plot is very interesting and stimulating. Once you started reading his novel, you cannot put it down. I always read the novel and finish it in just two days. I would skip lunch or dinner because I was reluctant to let it go until i finish reading.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why You Need To Smile

Smile is something we do everyday unconsciously. When we smile we feel cheerful. We feel we own the world. And we feel blessed. We feel bless that we still have our family, our good health and our property. You also need to smile always because of these:

1. Smile is good for your face muscle. It is a form of exercise. Smile will make you feel younger and brighter.

2. Smile can help to ease your sorrow. When we tend to sulk, it will affect you for the whole day. Smile will help you to overcome any of your bad feelings.

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