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Sunday, August 16, 2009

spm trial 2009

spm trial 2009 for form 5 students has started today...the school is like kena langgar garuda...very quiet and serene..maybe because we just lost one of our resident or maybe because other students have been quarantined..they have to stay at home till avoid H1N1 from infecting others...thursday school will be goes on like usual....!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a very sad day...

i dont know how to tell u but it was a D Day for all of us warga SMK Seri Pagi. First of all my warmest condolance to arwah Cikgu Rohaya family for her departure because of H1N1. She was a very bubbly and cheerful nice lady tht i ever know..and i am very2 sure tht u will be missed by all of us..yr friends and your students...

and because of sooo many students sick for the past few days..teachers also couldnt come to teach..the principle has decided to close our school till next wednesday...this is not the thing to celebrate although i always looking forward for a scool holiday..but not this one...definitely not like this...i cross my finger and pray that things will be okay soon...pls pray for everybody...

Monday, August 3, 2009

PMR Trial 2009

PMR trial has started yesterday...i was assigned to observe the weaker class...mind u..the so called good classes they put them in a hall..yesterday they sat for Bahasa Melayu and Science paper..Bahasa Melayu also they couldnt do well apa lagi Science they have to sit for english...ermmmmmmm!
what i dont understand..they learn English for almost 11 years but they still could grasp the language...who is to be blamed? the teacher? parents? or themselves? i went to nasional schools throughout my life but eventhough my english not excellent but atleast i can speak and write...u can understand my writing rite? tht is the most important thing..people understand what u r trying to say...!!
imagine how the teacher felt when their student can just write back the answer at all!
this is my entry after so long been absent from blogging intention to announce my present..but hey im still alive..hehehe..somebody must be wondering what has happened to me after so long!hopefully....