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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Cow story....

this is me...not related to the story i'm going to tell...ahaks.

euwwwww!!! this blog full of dust already....!!must do some clean up...ohhhh so holidays near to end but i dont get to go anywhere..with floods and landslide everywhere i think i better snuggle up in my bed and just sleep through...atleast i wake up feel fresh! and i dont have to fork out money...with the current financial crisis and economic breakdown i think i should safe more money...yeah i feel quite guilty about my last shopping spree but that will be only for this year...2009 will be new year and new resolution...nahhhh dont believe that crap!

last eidul adha i went back to beloved sister wanted to sacrifice a
cow for her family...i dont participate in the event because like normal people..i cant stand to see the blood splurting around eventhough some people seems to enjoy the moment...!but that is their choice rite..?

talking about 'korban' i remember one special incident happened to me few years ago...that time i just got my teaching my mom persuaded me to buy a female
calf for some kind of investmnt...hehehe...she said in no time the cow will multiply..and i dont even have to lift a finger...somebody will take care of it for me...true enough after my baby got herself pregnat..but dont ask me who the father is! when the time was due..she got a problem in the delivery process...the baby's leg sticking out first so it got entagled (am i using the right word?)

we called the veterinar and god knows how he tried to save the mom-to-be and the baby but failed. i remembered somebody told my mom that they had to slaughter the cow..if not she would suffer a great deal...! listen to this advice,both of and my mom cried our heart out...!ohhhh..i dont want to think and talk about ths anymore...i was really stressed that time and no matter what i'm not going rear any cow or goat again....!but i do think sometimes..if she survived that time i might be a rich woman by now...i may have 10 or 20 cows and if one cow cost about RM1800..ha u kira sendiri berapa! but for now...abuk pun takdak! i just buy the meat in supermarket and think about my cow...hehehe.

btw i manage to enter the final round of blog's idol contest at bluedreamer's place..and i need your help to vote for me atleast...i only get 2 votes so far compared to 8 votes by the other participants...ok thanks to u in advance! my choice of song is "SEE U AGAIN" by Miley Cyrus...arigato!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Suppose To...

a bouquet of flowers from somebody who is very dear to me... for my b'day..

i dont know what to blog today..but i do feel tired...i feel like to shut off my lappie forever...everyday i'm thinking to quit blogging but after a few days i do miss reading somebody's blogs and here i am...blogging!! but i do feel every bloggers have this feelings once a while in their lifetime...btw i have a lot of things to do right now but i dont know where or when to start...

i suppose to be enjoying my holiday but i have to invigilate...and i have to wake up early in the morning to collect exams paper from education department...ohh mannn!

i suppose to do some replanting at my garden but i dont have an energy to do it...

i suppose to plan a holiday with my family and i really looking forward to it but still couldn't find a suitable date and place...

i suppose to 'digital perm' my hair but i still dont know when i could do it...

i suppose to...i suppose to...i suppose to....argghhhhh...there is so much thing to do do in my head and time is running out!!!

i suppose to sent my car for a service but i'm too lazy to go to the workshop and wait...

but i managed to do some shopping in KLCC last week and bought myself a Dior sunglasses, Nokia N78 handphone and KaTHY vAN zEELAND handbag....i like!

Kathy Van zeeland Handbag...the promoter said it was from USA...x kisah la...!

Christian Dior Sunglasses...i'm thinking about sea, sun, and sand...its a hint!

Nokia N78...i hope this one will last long....*sigh*

Friday, November 14, 2008

An Amazing Story To Share.....

Oct 05, 2008

The Norwegian newspaper VG has reported a truly amazing story about a
newly-wed trying to get to Norway to be with her husband, and the
stranger who helped pay an unexpected luggage surcharge.

The blog "Leisha's Random Thoughts" has translated the story.

It was 1988, and Mary Andersen was at the Miami airport checking in for
a long flight to Norway to be with her husband when the airline
representative informed her that she wouldn't be able to check her
luggage without paying a 100 dollars surcharge:

When it was finally Mary's turn, she got the message that would crush
her bubbling feeling of happiness.

-You'll have to pay a 103 dollar surcharge if you want to bring both
those suitcases to Norway , the man behind the counter said.

Mary had no money. Her new husband had travelled ahead of her to Norway,
and she had no one else to call.

-I was completely desperate and tried to think which of my things I
could manage without. But I had already made such a careful selection of
my most prized possessions, says Mary.

As tears streamed down her face, she heard a "gentle and friendly voice"
behind her saying, "That's okay, I'll pay for her." Mary turned around
to see a tall man whom she had never seen before.

-He had a gentle and kind voice that was still firm and decisive. The
first thing I thought was, Who is this man?

Although this happened 20 years ago, Mary still remembers the authority
that radiated from the man.

-He was nicely dressed, fashionably dressed with brown leather shoes, a
cotton shirt open at the throat and khaki pants, says Mary.

She was thrilled to be able to bring both her suitcases to Norway and
assured the stranger that he would get his money back. The man wrote his
name and address on a piece of paper that he gave to Mary. She thanked
him repeatedly. When she finally walked off towards the security
checkpoint, he waved goodbye to her.

Who was the man?
Barack Obama !!

Twenty years later, she is thrilled that the friendly stranger at the
airport may be the next President and has voted for him already and
donated 100 dollars to his campaign:

-He was my knight in shining armor, says Mary, smiling.

She paid the 103 dollars back to Obama the day after she arrived in
Norway. At that time he had just finished his job as a poorly paid
community worker* in Chicago, and had started his law studies at
prestigious Harvard university. Mary even convinced her parents to vote
for him:

In the spring of 2006 Mary's parents had heard that Obama was
considering a run for president, but that he had still not decided. They
chose to write a letter in which they told him that he would receive
their votes. At the same time, they thanked Obama for helping their
daughter 18 years earlier.

And Obama replied:
In a letter to Mary's parents dated May 4th, 2006 and stamped 'United
States Senate, Washington DC ', Barack Obama writes:

'I want to thank you for the lovely things you wrote about me and
for reminding me of what happened at Miami airport. I'm happy I could
help back then, and I'm delighted to hear that your daughter is happy in
Norway. Please send her my best wishes.
Sincerely, Barack Obama , United States Senator'.

The parents sent the letter on to Mary.

Mary says that when her friends and associates talk about the election,
especially when race relations is the heated subject, she relates the
story of the kind man who helped out a stranger-in-need over twenty
years ago, years before he had even thought about running for high

Truly a wonderful story, and something that needs to be passed along in
the maelstorm of fear-and-smear politics we are being subjected to right

Thanks for the recommends, folks! Also, remember this was 1988, when
100 dollars was quite a bit of money, compared to today's value.

amazing huh??? i wish all of our politicians will do the same...some might have done it quitely and some will do it and let the whole world know about it by publishing it on papers.....:D

Friday, October 31, 2008

My Graduation Day...finally!

My graduation day was held on 21st October 2008. It was one of my best birthday present for me ever...after 3 years of hardwork, joy and tears finally i was able to wear the robe and walk proudly on the stage to get my scroll...!

that was a memorable day in my life...and i almost cried when i sang the UPM's theme song...i still cant believe that i actually finished my studies...! eventhough i was quite sad not be able to get the first class honour degree and missed it just a few points..but it is not the end of the world for me...i must show it to my students that if i can do it so they are...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greens, greens, greens....

this my favourite hobby...gardening...all the plants i planted last school holidays and see what it has turned to...lovely!

my mustards leaf or green and fresh..

my green and crunchy!

Flower of my eggplant...cant wait to see it turns to nice round purple fruit!

LadyFingers or Bendi...i will throw it in my fish curry...hmmm yummy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To U.....

Gosh!!!! i'm getting older....!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

post raya mood....

class as usual....
work as usual....

but more counselling sessions seems the students are getting restless as the year end getting nearer...they cant wait for do i...they are playing truant but i cant do that...! i do take MC..already 5 asthma getting worse...i always have flu and cough...the environment in the school make me sick...maybe because there's a construction going on...and i cant stand the dust...

sometimes i dont understand these kids behaviour..they come to school everyday but they dont learn anything...and they put the blame on the teachers...dont teach properly, always nagging at them, always pick on them, always this and always that...never put the blame on themselves...if u do what the teacher ask u to do..sure u wont get the scolding right? but as a counsellor i cant give advice...i just listen to their grouses and together we will fine a way to help them overcome their problem...but sometimes i cant help to give them some piece of my mind...this is against the theory and if Freud or Rogers or Albert Ellis know this they will ban me from couselling...nahhhh...they are long gone..hehe u know what i mean...hehehe...

want to share with u my raya experience but i think i'm not in the mood...maybe later..i have tons of assignment to do...anybody who wants to help me...pleaseeeee??

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Send this eCard !

I want to wish all of my friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri....daaaa!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No nonsense ok...!

with my former great prime minister...Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad..

i called my lecturer this morning...i wanted to ask her if she can postpone her classes this thursday to another day after hari dont like to do this but as a class monitor this is a request from friends...they said (me too) they have no mood to attend class...hari raya is getting how to concentrate...i couldnt agree more...but this is what happened ;

w : assalamualaikum datin...
D : salam...who is this?
w : liza datin...
D : which liza?
w : errr from your masters class datin...
D : ohhhhh liza...yes liza..what can i do for u?
w : err datin...all of us had our presentation already datin...what we gonna do
for tomorrow?
D : Class as usual....
w : But what we gonna do more presentation to do...(still hopeful)
D : I think all of u should ask questions...maybe u can ask something that u not understand...hmm?
w : what about class on as usual?(pleaseeeeee..)
D : yes..of PA will cuti starting on wednesday..but i will be there
till friday...
w : (damn..!) ohh ok datin ..see u then tomorrow..(heartbroken by now)
D : hmmm...bye.

i think i'm not good in handling this matter...i think if the lecturer is a guy i can do better...hehehe! hey friends...u all need to find another class monitor next semester! and dont forget to bring your notes on tuesday and thursday...incase she's gonna bombard u with tough questions that u cannot answer...(what a raya this year...sigh!)

pssst...i am really looking forward for tomorrow for other good reason...payday!!! me getting one month salary bonus plus my full salary plus my tunggakan....about
xxK in total...! yippeeeeee!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What,s My Blogging Personality...?

Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant-Garde

You're a bit ... unusual. And so is your blog.

You're impulsive, and you'll often post the first thing that pops in your head.

Completely uncensored, you blog tends to shock... even though that's not your intent.

You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new designs and content.

i got this from azra @ angel's place...same prediction as hers but i think the last sentence is not true...ever since i put up this blog almost a year ago...i didnt change a thing!! i wish i can do that but i am afraid i will mess up better play safe than sorry!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad At Love..I think u are lucky!

Award From Bluedreamer...thanks!

As a love and attraction coach, I hear some interesting comments from people: I'm too fat to be in a relationship. I'm too busy to fall in love. I'm too picky to get a guy/gal. As if fat, busy or picky people all spend their lives alone!

In fact, I've had friends who were all of these all at the same time-and still found themselves in great relationships. To be accurate, they didn't find themselves in great relationships. They put themselves there.

And you can too.

Now let's consider being "bad at love." I've heard this countless times. What does it mean to be bad at love? I can tell you what many people think it means.

People who claim they're bad at love say they don't know the secrets and tricks of making someone love them. (Pay special attention to words like tricks and making.) They believe they're not enough: smart enough, sexy enough, thin enough, cagey enough, experienced enough, sophisticated enough, wealthy enough, etc.

Sound familiar? There are about fifty more attributes I could have added, but you get the point. People think they are not enough.

Except when they think they are too much.

Too fat, too smart, too dumb, too poor, too wealthy, too sophisticated, too picky, too distrustful, too much to handle, too busy at work, too close their family, or their friends, or their hometown, or....

And some people believe they're both too much and not enough. "I'm too brainy and not sexy enough" is the frequent cry of women, while men seem partial to the "too honest and not rich enough" lament.

What's yours?

p/s i did quite ok in the exams...there were lots of 'toyol' helping me...hehehe (paraphrase from abanglong)...nahhhhh! i wasnt cheating..but the lecturer quite sporting to let us did some smallllllll discussion when he was not looking! after that he told us..."thats a sign of matured thinking!" bisa kan?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ist week of September....

Fasting month has finally arrived...but life goes on as usual...still have to go to school but this time with sleepy eyes...if i dont look sleepy means i already 'terbabas' sahur laaa...!

nothing much happen in school also...SPM exams trial is on...quite boring to sit in the class doing many round u can do in 2 hours? but to see the students struggling doing their paper has made me thinking about my younger years...i hate exams (but who dont)...i feel lucky i managed to pass all that turbulent years with some gliches here and there...and now i am proud of myself..but if i can turn back time i think i will do better....:D

oh yeah..talking about exam has reminded me of something...i also will have to sit for it this sunday...u read it right..the paper will be on no weekend for me...thanks Dr.S...u make my day...sigh! lazy to study la..!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Idea...

i just finished enjoying my school break..its time to go work tell u the truth, i cant wait to go to school again...there is so much things to do and yet so little time i got..sound so busy huh..but i bet all of u also feels that way..sometimes i wish i have more than 24 hours in a day but it's impossible..sometimes times fly very fast sometimes it is so my case, i need more time..i have to juggle my time between work and was different when i was a full time carefree and i was enjoying it every moment...sigh...!

but i managed to go to Melaka and attended my cousin's wedding...:D

with my beloved sis...

Selamat Pengantin Baru.....

and i really have no idea at this moment...thats why i put it as my title above...!and for TSS...thanks for encouraging me to write this post..your comment had made me going!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


maybe this incident has happened to any of u...he dumped u for other woman and then something strucked his head hard and out of sudden he realized that u are the ones he be careful...u might come and run back to his arms again but u might not...but these are the signs that your ex wants u back..whether u wants him back is up to u.. as for me u can go for second chance offered...if u can do that once u can do it one the other time...sorry dude!

1- He makes an effort to improve him or herself. To let you know they are doing their best to make themselves more attractive for you. This might include working out issues in your relationship, improving their appearance, getting a better job or working overtime/second job to become more financially stable, committing to personal/spiritual growth, becoming more sociable, etc.

2- If He wants you back, you can tell because He doesn't act the same with you, He is being friendlier. He starts to act the same as when you first started dating.

3- He has not looked for or formed any new relationships.

4- He has kept the communication lines open and has told you that they will remain open as long as you want.

5- He has extended an invitation to you to situations that bring you together with no strings attached.

6- He has let you know about the efforts they have made or are making to be a better person. He makes nice comments about what you wear and how you look.

7- He frequently makes phone calls, Internet messages or text messages you.

8- He Frequently tries to get your attention or start up a conversation.

9- He follows you around, but not in a stalking kind of way.

10- He can't keep their eyes off you!

These are just some of the signs your ex wants you back. Even if you have not received these signs yet. There is still a chance it might not be over. It may too early after the breakup to have received any of these signs.

but babes...there are so many drop dead gorgeous guys out there...and even if they dont look like a greek god, i am sure there are other better qualities/personalities
these guys can offer dont waste your time!!

hey...dont let me influence your decision okay!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Mum and Dad were watching TV when Mum said, 'I'm tired, and it's getting late. I think I'll go to bed.' She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next day'slunches.. Rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar container, put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for brewing the next morning.

She then put some wet clothes in the dryer, put a load of clothes into the washer, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button. She picked up the game pieces left on the table, put the phone back on the charger and put the telephone book into the drawer.
She watered the plants, emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry. She yawned and stretched and headed for the bedroom.

She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher, counted out some cash for the excursion and pulled a text book out from hiding under the chair. She signed a birthday card for a friend, addressed and stamped the envelope and wrote a quick note for the grocery store. She put both near her bag.

Mum then washed her face with 3 in 1 cleanser, put on her Night Solution & age fighting moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth and filed her nails. Dad called out, 'I thought you were going to bed.' 'I'm on my way,'she said. She put some water into the dog's dish and put the cat outside, then made sure the doors were locked and the patio light was on.

She looked in on each of the kids and turned out their bedside lamps and radios, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks into the basket,and had a brief c onversation with the one up still doing homework.In her own room, she set the alarm; laid out clothing for the next day, straightened up the shoe rack. She added three things to her 6 most important things to do list. She said her prayers, and visualized the accomplishment of her goals.

About that time, Dad turned off the TV and announced to no one in particular. 'I'm going to bed.' And he did...without another thought. Anything extraordinary here?

Wonder why women live longer...? 'CAUSE THEY ARE MADE FOR THE LONG HAUL...... (and we can't die sooner, we still have things to do!!!!)

Friday, July 4, 2008

feel like quitting....

with fellow counselor...

my dear friends,
so sorry for not frequently posting anything on my blog lately...i am not buzy...i am not sick...i am not going anywhere...i feel like quite blogging was frustrating...more frustrating than...err when my second boyfriend leave me for another woman...btw thanks for leaving me...u didnt deserve to be with me at all...!

it is just,my internet connection is running at the pace of a tortoise (sorry mr tortoise..doesnt mean to insult you). so eventually, blogging can make such a headache..i am not really a patient person you see?

i hate to say this again and again...but until stremyx solves this problem i couldnt update myself with the latest news lately..and i cannot visit my favourites blogs please do something about this okayyyyy!!!

BTW..while i can put my fingers on my blog (dont know when i can see u again.)i went to my university healthcentre last tuesday to do my medical check up..after rushing myself from school i managed to reach there on time but to be told there was water distruption so no medical check up can be done on that was that?

then the next day...wednesday actually...i leaved school quite late because we had extra co-curriculum activities...i made an appointment at 2pm...but when i reached there around 2.20pm ..the nurse who incharge at the front said i cannot do it because too many people aLREADY! damned!

finally i managed to get things done on advice is...................
if u have high blood pressure..please dont do this stunt at home! not relevant??? who cares!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marital Counselling

A husband and wife went for counseling after 20 years of marriage. When asked what the problem was, the wife went into a passionate, painful tirade, listing every problem they had ever had in the 20 years they had been married.

She went on and on and on: neglect, lack of intimacy, emptiness, loneliness, feeling unloved and unlovable; an entire laundry list of unmet needs she had endured over the course of their marriage.

Finally, after allowing this to go on for a sufficient length of time, the therapist got up, walked around the desk and, after asking the wife to stand, embraced and kissed her passionately as her husband watched with a raised eyebrow. The woman shut up and quietly sat down as though in a daze.

The therapist turned to the husband and said, "This is what your wife needs at least three times a week. Can you do this?"

The husband thought for a moment and replied, "Well, I can drop her off here on Mondays and Wednesdays, but on Fridays, I fish."

Thursday, June 19, 2008

feel not so good

i'm on my medical leave for 2 days..having a cough, flu and asthmatic at the same time...couldnt feel any worse than this...

had received my examination result few days ago...i should celebrate it but instead i felt totally disappointed...manage to get 3A's and 1A-...another dean's list in my folder...thats a good result but my gpa stated there 3.746..i missed 0.004 points to make me the recipient of the first class honour student...the point is...i didnt make it...! it was so frustrating..i dont mind if i missed few points but another 0.004?

ooooohhhhhh man....!!!

not in the mood to do anything right now...

pssst...coz i didnt get...nobody also get...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New School New Stories

Today i'm going to tell u about my new school...its a big school..about 1700 students and about 105 teachers..has 2 sessions..and as u know i'm in the morning session. when u are new there.. you'll encounter new people, new school subjects, new activities, and many more colleagues than you're used to...but i'm not complain..going to learn everything fast!

with my sis at KLIA-waiting for mom back from umrah-always bz wth her pda

this school of mine (and proud of it eventhough i'm still new...hey u suppose to love your working place right?)has a nice environment...the students are well behaved eventhough some of them quite mischievous (but they are still under control) not like my former school...the principle is a very nice lady..very simple and has good PR wth her staffs, the senior assistants all three of them also ladies (what happen to other species huh?)also very nice to me...quite helpful and hopefully it will last because the last thing i want to do is fight and have a bad relationship with all of them..( just dont provoke me..sigh)..the other 2 lady counsellors(yes another lady) also very nice and i think i can get along very well wth them...

but one funny incident (or pathetic?) has happened on my first day in lady teacher from other races ( i think she was shocked to see me ) had asked me whether i'm a malay..then i told her that i was a pure breed of malay descendants... she asked me why i didnt wear a scarf..well i said i always without one so why bother to wear it now...she then politely tell me to be prepared if the principle asked me to wear it one day because she already asked all the female students to cover up... well..thanks for the advice but i told her let them ask me first...

( i think she just want to warn me, nothing else) but to tell u the truth that incident wont affect me at all because it has happened to me so many times and now i'm immune to it already...hehehe... and u know what... i think i'm going to LOVE this school...thats the most important this school..yeah especially when u can go back 1 hour early compared to a single session schools...that means i have time ample time to go for my masters classes...great!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Top 5 Best Diary Blog

i've been disappearing did not going anywhere...just relaxing at home doing things i love like reading my friend's blogs, reading political blogs ( lots of things happening lately in my beloved country so i dont want to be left out) do little bit of decorating and gardening...i must do this before 9th June...why u may ask? because i will be a full time counsellor in school and i pretty damn sure it will take a hell lot of my time...!

then during my visits i found out in Bluedreamer's site that i have won this award...TOP 1 Best Diary Blog! i must say i was quite speechless and surprised! i dont know how he evaluates or how he chose the 5 blogs but i definitely feel flattered...thank you blue...! i owe u one...hehehe!

and oh ya...before i forget..i want to tell u that i heard from my colleague (new friend of mine..buddy counselor too)that the school has posted me in the morning session...oh my...i feel really blessed...wish me luck ( i know u would) because i will report for duty this monday...will tell u more about this new school soon...why am i sweating now? erkkkkk....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good News!

i have few good news to share with you today....
first of all...i have finished doing my practical thingy in school! wow..time flies very fast i couldnt believe it's already 3 months!
i have done my final reports (thats why i couldnt write new post for my blog, azazura)and will submit to my lecturer this week...

secondly.... i got an offer letter to continue my study in my present university...i will be doing a master of science in Sociology...the class will be started in july...i'm so scared because this time i will be doing it all alone without my friends...but i am sure i can do it just will be tough to study and work at the same time...but with my family support and encouragement things will get easier...hopefully..

Thirdly...jeng!jeng!jeng! i received my posting letter on Teacher's Day...the school will be in Senawang.. its about 20 kilometres from my home! oh my...this is the best present i ever received on Teachers Day and i bet it was better than all the incentives the government going to give to all teachers this i can sleep peacefully and enjoy my 3 weeks holidays...!the only worries i had is..(kalau takde tak sah kan?) this school has 2 sessions...and i dont know where the admin will put me yet..there are pros and cons...but i do hope they will put me in the morning i'm crossing my finger!

with my former students...they are cute and cheerful.

finally i am really glad that everything turns out well for me...thank god...! and firends...thank you for your prayer and i do believe it worked!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

How To Keep A Woman Happy?


Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

It's not difficult... i tell you.... All you have to do is to be:

1. A friend
2. A companion
3. A lover
4. A brother
5. A father
6. A master
7. A chef
8. An electrician
9. A carpenter
10. A plumber
11. A mechanic
12. A decorator
13. A stylist
14. A gynecologist
15. A psychologist
16. A pest exterminator
17. A psychiatrist
18. A healer
19. A good listener
20. An organizer
21. A good father
22. Very clean
23. Sympathetic
24. Athletic
25. Warm
26. Attentive
27. Gallant
28. Intelligent
29. Funny
30. Creative
31. Tender
32. Strong
33. Understanding
34. Tolerant
35. Prudent
36. Ambitious
37. Capable
38. Courageous
39. Determined
40. True
41. Dependable
42. Passionate ( i love this most! )


43. Give her compliments regularly ( why not?)
44. Love shopping (pleaseeee...)
45. Be honest (dont let me catch you!)
46. Be very rich (not necessary very rich...just rich will do also hehehe)
47. Not stress her out (of course!)
48. Not look at other girls (kick u..!)

49. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
50. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself
51. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes

52. Birthdays
53. Anniversaries
54. Arrangements she makes

Just merely 54 demands ... :-) very very easy huh?

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at


1. Leave him in peace
2. Feed him well.
3. Let him have the remote control.

Oh my god !! 3 demands ... :-(

Men.... What a DEMANDING creature !!!
Hahaha guys…don’t get angry with me!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Teachers Make

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Found this in my email box..would like to share it with u though..especially if u also a teacher like me...

The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life.

One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, 'What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?'

He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about teachers: 'Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.'

To stress his point he said to another guest;
'You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?'

Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, 'You want to know what I make? (She paused for a second, then began...)

'Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.

I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor.

I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents can't make them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental.

You want to know what I make?' (She paused again and looked at each and every person at the table.)

''I make kids wonder.

I make them question.

I make them apologize and mean it.

I make them have respect and take responsibility for their actions.

I teach them to write and then I make them write. Keyboarding isn't everything.

I make them read, read, read.

I make them show all their work in math. They use their God given brain, not the man-made calculator.

I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know in English while preserving their unique cultural identity.

I make my classroom a place where all my students feel safe.

I make my students stand, placing their hand over their heart to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, One Nation Under God, because we live in the United States of America.

Finally, I make them understand that if they use the gifts they were given, work hard, and follow their hearts, they can succeed in life.'

(Bonnie paused one last time and then continued.)

'Then, when people try to judge me by what I make, with me knowing money isn't everything, I can hold my head up high and pay no attention because they are ignorant... You want to know what I make?

I MAKE A DIFFERENCE . What do you make Mr.. CEO?'

His jaw dropped, he went silent.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Thanks God It's Friday! i am really looking forward for the weekend...after battling the wars for 5 consecutive days i must admit that i need rest very badly....i need to free myself from all the problems that haunted me days and nights...just give me my 2 precious days and i will be recharged again to a new person on Monday!

Finally my suffering days almost over! i manage to do all the reports..i manage to click enough hours (infact it's more than enough..almost double up from the required time..) i manage to finish the observations or inspections in counseling and Moral Education...In fact my lecturer was very satisfied with my teaching he gave me an A for Moral...but for my counselling i think i did a good job too..she didnt tell me exactly what will i get but i think the least i can get is A- ...and i need a good recommendation from my school to top up the marks ...but whatever it is i'm still hoping i can get an A...not less than that...!

i have 3 weeks to go...and now my heart beats like a drum everytime i think about my posting...i heard no vacancy for counsellor posts in Seremban and Port Dickson...The Ministry of education might send me to Bahau, Kuala Pilah or Tampin....huh...i dont care wherever it is as long i still can traveldaily from my place...that's all i can ask for friends..please pray for me..pray i wont be sending too far away from my hometown. some of u might said i should go and serve wherever place they want to send like any good civil servant..."Sedia Berkhidmat Untuk Negara"

mind u..i already did that when i first came out as a primary school teacher...i've been sent to a remote area for 2 years without any good transportation system
( i have to tumpang some makcik felda settler's motorbike to go to the teachers' quarters every monday morning), no telephone coverage...(except the one which use solar system for their office hehehe..) but thank god the place still have an electricity and clean water to drink and bath... sometimes there would be no electricity few times a week..and the water tap runs dry most of the time...i wonder how i can survive all those years in that place...sigh!

i dont want to go through that all over again...I DONT WANT! just send the younger ones ok? i'm too old (eventhough i still look young...hehehe) for that kind of adventures already...nuff said!

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Life As A Trainee Counsellor

well..i must say it was not job in this world is easy...the most hardest part is to wake up early in the morning....but that one also not so bad compared to the routine... u have to go to school everyday be it rain or excuses...6 or 7days a week ( we go to school on Saturdays and Sundays too )...sometimes have to be in the school at night..taking care of students ..attending talks, motivational camps and i complaining? yes...

some says we are lucky..we have long holidays during semester breaks..but not to be cherished anymore...during the precious holidays we have to attend course, go to school to supervise, take the students to visit places and so i complaining? yes...

but i think as a trainee it gonna be worse than that...i have to give individual counselling for 45 hours, group counselling for 35 hours, administration jobs for 35 hours and guidance activities for another 35 150 hours within 12 weeks..! i have to teach Moral education to 37 students in Form 1 (minor subject)and i have to relief other teachers' classes atleast 2 hours a i complaining? yes...

then i should put all the blame to myself..who ask me to further study at the first place? ME..who ask me to take half pay leave for 3 years to study? ME...who ask me to leave all the comfort i got during my years in primary school? ME...all me, me, and me...nobody else to blame...

and during this 12 weeks..i need to be observed by two for my counselling course and one for my Moral was very stressful to think when will they come and observe can be at any time of the day...and do i prepare myself well when they coming....? ohhh...i just cant wait to finish my training...!

and to listen to all the grouses, the problems from the students can be very stressfull sometimes.. i always try to put myself in their shoe..try to be empathy and at the same time try to help them to solve their problem...and you know what? kids nowadays are not like kids during my teenage years...they did the most unthinkable things and sometimes i was speechless with their bold statement....well..i just good at complaining...right?

whatever it is..i just need to be patient...only 4 weeks to go and i will be free.....atleast for few weeks...then i can be a full time counsellor...the stress will still be there, the workload will still be there i know but when u a not a trainee anymore...the feeling is not the same...the only soothing words i got was from Dr.F...he was in my school last week to observe me teaching..and he told me that i was born to be a teacher...that i have the patience and i have worked really hard to make sure the students learnt and at the same time acheieved all the objectives...he really make my day and for a while i think all my hard work has been paid off...thank u dr...

OH GOD...please let me be a good counsellor....!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Uh uh...How Sexually Appealing Am I?

Lets101 - Online Dating

i took the test out of curiosity and i think and i think...uh uh i dont know what i suppose to think...the test said i score 8.9 out of made me laugh! i dont know i can be sooooo appealing!! (shut up waliz!)

ok, ok...why dont u try out and let me know whether you look "appealing" enough or not! but for me the most important thing is how you carry can be aapealing to some but not to others....i dont want to be labelled as 'GEDIK' know what i mean? no...??? cannot find this word in wikipedia or Kamus Dewan Bahasa either....anybody can help me to explain?

meanwhile i want to use this opportunity to share a quotes/poem from Mother Theresa...i think its it is..

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

-Mother Theresa-

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Blog Review...:D

My blog has been reviewed by Shen ...!! I was very excited and extremely happy when i got an email from him to tell that WalizDiary has been reviewed! Following here is the review he has been made for my blog and I am very grateful with his straight forward opinion about my humble blog... if you like to have your blog reviewed by him, just give him a visit...Thank you so much Shen! please read the following comment...

The Secret is one of the favorite books of this blog's author. Well maybe it is the same movie which I have watched a month ago which reveals about how to use your perception in order to be successful and is in fact a very truthful fact. "WalizDiary" is a site which covers the diary and journal of Waliz.

Waliz is a counselor by occupation, a beautiful girl from Malaysia who loves reading, gardening, blogging, cooking, shopping, travelling, and eating. Anyway before I forgot that I am reviewing her blog and not her let me begin how I see this blog of Waliz.

First of all you can see the amount of effort exerted in every post that was made in this blog. The pictures definitely tells hundred of stories and is a captured memory of the author's moment. She also shares various view points and stories which she finds interesting.

If you want to know her then you must also view her post entitled, "Knowing Me, Knowing You" where she answered a typical survey question that is usually passed on from user to user.

The downside however of her blog is on the narrow layout of the template which is only 2 columns and I think that it can further be improved. Overall, the layout is simple and is fairly decent.

She also enjoys a lot of readers and comments in her every post as well as lots of awards from fellow bloggers. Thus, I can deduce that she is very friendly and hope that we can be friends as well.

A personal blog with a twist and mind you this one is not cluttered with ads and money making widgets... truly a blog for personal satisfaction and sharing of her life to others.


Layout - 6

Content - 8

Coherence - 9

Reach - 6

Readability - 8

Overall Rating - 7.4

not bad huh? i definitely will try to improve this baby of mine from time to time...but for now i'm happy as it is ( more afraid to touch it incase i will lose everything hehehe) ..but if anybody willing to help me to redesign it or to change the template and colum to 3 for free..i will be very happy to accept the offer! lollll! thanks again shennnnnnn....!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Le Tour De Langkawi

during last school holidays i was in Langkawi, 99 island in the sun..Langkawi Island is located just off the coast of North Western Malaysia, about 30 km from Kuala Perlis and 51 km from Kuala Kedah and close to Thailand... The archipelago of Langkawi contains 99 islands during high tide whereas during low tide, the number of islands can be as many as many huh? Sanctuary of some of the most ancient rainforests in the world, they are teeming with exotic flora and fauna... Langkawi Island itself is the largest among the archipelago, measuring about 478.5 sq km, is the only one with any real settlement... It fringed by lovely beaches scattered along its coast..i went to Pantai Chenang and Pantai Pasir Hitam.. The island is still very much a rural landscape with villages and paddy fields... here i want to share with you some of the pictures taken during my holidays....

This is where i stayed..Aseania Hotel has a 154.4 meters swimming pool complete with wavepool, slides and lazy river. (Longest swimming pool in Malaysia..nice stay..:D

Langkawi Island's landmark! Lang means "eagle" in english as i been told by the locals...

At the jetty in Kuala Perlis...reached there around 7.15 am...thts the explanation on why no make up on my face...hmmm

The Langkawi Bird Park at Kampung Belanga Pecah which has 2,500 birds from 150 species...i fed the canaries with some tame!

At Telaga Harbour Park...i wished i was the owner of those magnificent boats...sigh...

at our former prime minister gallery..Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad...u should see all the gifts he got during his premiership..

See the breathtaking beautiful view behind of me...

a beautiful panorama from the cable car...6000 ft over 500 million year old rainforest...very scary! you get a good view of the Telaga Tujuh (seven's well..actually it is a waterfall..

at the skywalk...u can go there only by cable was very high i tell you...!

Island hopping time! posing is a must...hahaha!

Pulau Dayang Bunting..if u look closely u will find out the island looks like a pregnant woman who is lying on her back...there's a legend about ths island but i wont tell u here...its quite a long story..but some people believe the water of the lake possesses some mystical power of helping barren women to bear children...

at tasik dayang bunting entrance..the cute baby monkey was very interested with my Guess handbag! good choice babe...

paddling solar boat at Tasik Dayang was an unforgetabble experience!

Eagles feeding the birds are really spectacular...

that is all i can share with u...opps before i forget..langkawi also is a duty-free shopping haven offering an attractive range of local and imported goods for those with a yen for shopping. Most of the island's shopping establishments can be found in and around Kuah...i bought lots of chocolates, batiks and diningware for myself....i hope i can go for more holidays after this...maybe in May???? and after all the sightseeing, shopping and visiting i feel lucky i bought a plane ticket to go home....lalala...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Have U Ever Been This Tired?

hmmmmm nice smell....make me sleepy

Stuck on you...

hmmmmm.....soooo delicious!

Hug me tight baby....

Dont worry be happy....

p/s because i've been too tired..too exhausted for the past three weeks i have decided to take a break and go off to Langkawi Island tonight!hmmmmm....sand, sun and waves...! i will be back on Saturday...see u again guys......daaaaaaaaaa...:D

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Knowing Me Knowing You

one regular visitor outside my window every day

i have been tagged by Bluedreamer....all i have to do is to answer all the questions below and as usual i have to tag another friend of mine..but i think i will skip that one...if any of u interested to do the tag..u are welcome...:D

1. What is your occupation?
A trainee counsellor in secondary school

2.what is the color of youre socks right now?
err...i dont wear any right now...i'm barefooted...

3. What are you listening to right now?
My Immortal - Evenescence

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
Portugese egg tart - i ate 3!

5. Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes..i'm good at it!

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
black, blue and green

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
last nite with my mom..she wanted to know who won the election in certain places because the tv was so slowwww in announcing the results...i got it form MalaysiaKini via internet!

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
hmmm i like him very very much..he is cute..hehehe!

9. Favorite drink?
Mix tropical fruit yoghurt smoothies!

10. What is your favorite sport to watch?
squash and tennis...

11. Have you ever dyed your hair?
hahah.. yes i do..thinking want to highlight it this time...

12.pets? a couple of tortoises and goldfish..

13Favorite food?
anything with cheese..

14. Last movie you watched?
The latest movie from National Treasurer series..Nicholas cage is my fav actor!

15. Favorite Day of the year?
October..i'm getting lots of presents that time...hehehe

16. What do you do to vent anger?
take a long hot shower...and cry...sob!sob!

17. What was your favorite toy as a child?
i didnt remember but definitely not a doll...most of the time i was up on the tree..!

18. What is your favorite, fall or spring?
Spring...plants lots of blooms..Springtime is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life (both plant and animal) being born, and of the cycle of life once again starting. It is also used more generally as the start of better times...but unfortunately no spring in my country..sigh..

19. Hugs or kisses?
hmmmmm....hugs first then kisses...i love to be cuddled!

20. What kind of pie?
Banana, apple and pineapple pie..yummy!

21. Do you want your friends to email you back?
of course...if not i'm dying waiting!

22. Who is most likely to respond?
everybody in my email list....

23. Who is least likely to respond?
my brother hahaha..he is sooo lazeyyyy!

24. Living arrangements?
With my family..

25. When was the last time you cried?
few months ago..when i dont know how to create a website for my assigntment! and i could only manage to get B- for it!the worst grade ever! i wish i know how to blog earlier...sigh!

26. What is on the floor of your closet?
my handbags collection...

27. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to?
no..not yet send to anybody...

28. The friend you have known the shortest amount of time that you are sending this to?
none also...

29. Favorite smell?
my perfume - Miracle, Champagne and Poison and lots more..i'm collecting branded perfumes..!

30. What inspires you?
my beloved family...

31. What are you afraid of?
to be alone..without my loves one around me..

32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
of course cheese!

33. Favorite car?
BMW M3 Coupe..a sheer driving pleasure..

34. Favorite cat breed?
i love to see Persian cats but i dont like to have one...

35. Number of keys on your key ring? 3

36. How many years at your current job?
3 weeks...

37. Favorite day of the week?
friday to saturday...happy weekend!

38. How many provinces have you lived in? Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Johor and Pahang ...4!

39. How many countries have you been to?
3...Singapore, Indonesia and neighbouring countries! thinking to go to philippines next to visit my friend Bluedreamer! ahaa...

39 questions! i wonder why they didnt give 40 questions now u know more or less about me...anybody who wants to adopt me please feel free to email me at anytime of the day...!

Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Still Here.....

hello there...still remember me...waliz? hahaha...i am sorry...really really sorry for disappearing without giving any notice...i was so very busy...i know that is a very lame excuse but that is the truth...

right now i'm doing my practical as a student counsellor in one of secondary schools in Seremban...oh my god...its nothing like when u are in the university....just sit and listen to the i dont even have proper time to i miss my uni life...! and the worst is i dont have time to check my emails, update my blog and to visit my friends blog..isk isk isk...

my day is full in giving individual counselling, group counselling, go from one class to another to guide them in their career, give motivation, writing all the reports, relieve other teachers classes and so on....

my day starts at 6.30am..wake up and get ready and by 7.10 i already in school...give 5 minutes speech during the assembly (we take turns to do this among other 4 counsellors)...and the school finishes at 2.40pm (still early compared to people who are working in the office right? but imagine going up and down the staircase of a four storey building few times a day...and no aircond room to cool u down after that)...reach home at around 3pm...too exhausted to do anything...throw my bag and files and just land on my bed..try to get some good sleep and wake up again at some gardening or walking around my housing estate and have my dinner around 7pm..

then i will check my files again and again...make sure all in order in case my lecturer will come to observe me 10pm i will be too sleepy and just go straight to my bed....that will be my routine till 16th of May...until i get posted to another school which i dont know where on earth they will send me....

so thats my excuses for not appearing in this blogsphere for so to all my friends...i'm still here and will be here...i wont stop blogging..and if i do one day..i will let u know....ok till we meet again!

award from Nisha....thanks sweetie...:D