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Friday, January 28, 2011

Which Phone? Iphone or Blackberry?

i need a new phone. the one that i have been used for so many year was Sony Erickson. somebody had bough it for me in Dubai. it was a special phone. i have so many good and bad memories with that phone.but now it has stop working..

i remember one day when my ex school mates arranging a reunion dinner for us in Allson Klana. i drove myself that nite. then i received a phone call from one of my family member who wanted to make sure i was safely arrived. after that i put the phone on my lap. when i arrived at the hotel it was raining cats and dogs. i totally forgotten about my phone because i was busy looking for an umbrella to avoid being wet in the rain.

when i met my old friends they i became very excited. some of them, i had not see for so may years. we ate and laughed especially when we talked about our old days in school. all of us were in boarding school. so, there were so many stories to share among us. i really enjoyed it that time until one of my best friend asked me where was my phone because my family had tried to reach me but with no avail.

i frantically tried to search in in my handbag but i could not find it.then suddenly i remembered the last time i saw it was on my lap. i excused myself and ran to my car. it was still raining at that time. when i reached my car..there it was.. lying on the road was my orange colored phone! soaking wet! i felt like crying man.. it was almost about 2 hours raining!

but amazingly it was still working well.i called my family and told them i was safe and my phone i had left it in the car!hahaha...

so back to my first intentions..which brand should i buy this time? i used Nokia, Motorolla and Samsung before..maybe i need aan Iphone or Blackberry this time? can somebody suggest it to me..anyone?

but now i need to do some window shopping at the nearest phone shop maybe in Jusco. budget? hmmmm that is the most important thing that i have to bear in mind...angpow anyone?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what am i going to do?

i was a little bit tired. i have been asked by my supervisor to teach his masters student classes. it's only once a week but i have to prepare for my notes and etc. i'm not going to teach primary school students here..teaching them was so easy i can do it with my eyes blindfolded. but adult students? i hope i wont be stammering then..but oh my..i was mentally tired.

Ministry of Education has been offering teachers some kind of scholarship but without the 'RM'. they giving us some sort of full salary leave for us to further our study. but when i access the portal i kind of pissed off. it is because the subject that i've been taking on was not offered. so thats mean i cannot apply for it! i mean why they just offer it to all? i called them and the answer was that is up the the ministry to offer what they want to offer..sigh! i love to do what i'm doing right now but it will burden me if i cannot take the leave. i need it badly! i have to go to the perkampungan orang asli to get my data done. how on earth i'm going to do that if i have to go to school everyday? i can go during the school holidays but i need to observe the students doing their learning in school too? hope i will find answer to this problem soon...:(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dear diary,
today is not a very good day for me..i couldnt sleep well last nite because of my asthma, cough and running nose. the weather dont do justice to my well being. i dont blame the weather solely but i think my health is deteriorating since i removed my fibroid and womb last year. self pity i am but life must go on.i keep telling myself to look forward not backward. but sometimes, it is easier to said than done..

my younger brother just had his operations and now resting at my place. seeing him in pain also make me feel sad..after losing my dad i feel i need to take care of everybody in the family. i am the eldest and i feel that is my responsibility now to bond with them. i feel i am more closer with my mom, my sis and my brother now compared to last time.

talking about job, i have a meeting after school with my Senior assistant regarding students welfare. after that i have a meeting with my supervisor in university. but with my conditions right now i dont know i might be able to attend both meeting or not. i will consider it later..right now first things first...i have lots of problem to settle yet i'm very helpless...god please help me...i'm at your mercy right now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Greetings from Nagoya

time flies very fast. its going to be the 2nd week of the month. so many things i have to do...

the first week of school i have to conduct orientation program for the form 4 students. our school managed to get a good result for pmr compared to the previous year.

during the holiday, i was lucky to have met one of my blogger friend anie from nagoya. she also have a blog, 'LOVE'. she came with her husband and two cute little boys. the husband is japanese and she is a malay. i managed to show the boys my collections of monkey cups..the subject of their fascination...hahaha..i captured few photos with them but sorry to tell that the picture was blurred due to some technicalities..if i have time i will upload later anyway. if u read this anie..i'm glad to know you and i hope we can meet up again in the future.

apart from that, i also has started my PhD clsses in UKM. my supervisor is Dr Razaq and Datin Zahara. I have met Dr Razaq..he is a nice person and i hope i can work well with him in the future. his interest is in sociology and the main subject is the native people or orang asli. looks like i have to mix and mingle with them for the next three years. good luck babe..