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Monday, October 25, 2010

Jokes For This Month


A law firm receptionist answered the phone the morning after the firm's senior partner had passed away unexpectedly. "Is Mr. Spenser there?" asked the client on the phone.

"I'm very sorry, but Mr. Spenser passed away last night," the receptionist answered. "Can anyone else help you?".

The man paused for a moment, then quietly said, "no" and hung up. Ten minutes later, he called again and asked for Mr. Spenser, his ex-wife's lawyer. The receptionist said, "You just called a few minutes ago, didn't you? Mr. Spenser has died. I'm not making this up."

The man again hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, he called a third time and asked for Mr. Spenser. The receptionist was irked by this time. "I've told you twice already, Mr. Spenser is dead. He is not here! Why do you keep asking for him when I say he's dead? Don't you understand what I'm saying?"

The man replied, "I understand you perfectly. I just like hearing you say it over and over."


Two Buddies were drinking in a bar one night and had became extreamly drunk. One guy was so drunk that he had got sick all over his shirt. He looks at his buddy and says "My wife is gonna kill me when I get home,this is a brand new shirt! His buddy looks at him and says "don't worry,just put $20 in your front pocket and tell her that some guy got sick on you and gave you $20 for the cleaning bill. The guy thinks this is a exellent idea and continues to drink. He closes the bar down and heads home. When he arrives and opens the front door his wife is standing there waiting on him. "just look at you, you drunk ! You even got sick all over yourself". The man replies "No baby, it isnt like that some guy got sick on me and look here he gave me $20 for the cleaning bill. She pulls the money out of his pocket and counts it and says "Wait one minute theres $40 here! The guy looks at her and says " Oh yea, he shit in my pants too!

I dont have any idea to write, so i share this jokes with you. Happy Joking!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Massage Oh Massage

(pics from uncle google)

that is exactly what i did during weekend. i went for a good massage!

actually i went back to my hometown to visit my parents. my father was not feeling very well so i think i should give him a visit. i went back on saturday, thts why some of you did notice that i went missing for a while. sorry friends, i should leave a note for you next time...ahaks!

then my sister suggest me to get a good massage. and i think, why not? the lady who did massage me was soooo good. she massaged me for almost 2 hours..i feel so relax and fresh after the massage.i'm already thinking want to book her for the next visit. so if you feel stress, body aching and need something to calm you down, why dont u have a good massage? after all my father always tell me this..imagine your body is like one big have to send it to the workshop for maintenance... your body also the same...haait..what are you waiting some more? go to the nearest spa available and get a good massage!

pssstt! i wish i can do that everyday..;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

What Sign of Zodiac You Should Be

You Should Be A Taurus

What's good about you: you're stable, responsible, and loyal to those around you

What's bad about you: you're stubborn and overly cautious - change is not easy

In love: it's easy to melt your heart with traditional romantic gestures

In friendship, you're: loyal - you'll do almost anything for a friend

Your ideal job: chef, jewelry designer, or actor

Your sense of fashion: sleek, designer, and very expensive

You like to pig out on: steak and cheesecake

BTW, I'M A LIBRA..LOL! and to birthday is tomorrow on 13 October 19**

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Convo and Birthday

My convocation day is getting nearer..i went to UPM last week to collect my robe..oh my..the lady incharge told me robe S size has been taken up by others. Only M, L, XL and XXl size left. i have no i took the M size robe. as expected the robe was too big!!i dont need to wear anything because the robe already cover up everything! but that is not an opsyen lol!

when i think back..i feel just like yesterday i went for the first day of my masters classess. i remember clearly on that day, my car has broke down somewhere in Bangi.. on the highway. i was so terrified and cried my heart out. but luckily my prince charming came and rescue me at no time..fuh!

and after 2 years, i be able to finish my studies and doing quite well. i'm proud of myself.. to be able to study and work at the same time. time fly very fast. if i think back, i would gladly tell everybody who has the ambition to study.. to just register yourself and take the course that you would love to do..dont think..just go for it!you would gain lot of knowledge and this knowledge you cannot get anywhere.

somebody has asked me lately, would i pursue my study after this? and my answer is, WHY NOT?

the best thing is, my convocation day will fall on my very BIRTHDAY! how memorable day it would be!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Luck For Your Exams

today is PMR day. PMR standd for Penilaian Menengah Rendah or some sort of assessment to Form Three students through out the country. with this results, they will be sorted out according to their capability such as pure science stream, arts or others.

when i was in form 3, the exam was not PMR but SRP (Sijil Rendah Pelajaran). huh, you can guess how old i was already because PMR only been introduced.. not quite recently..quite a time but not as dinosour as SRP hahaha.

i was in boarding school that time. so i did quite well. enough to make my parents proud. the i went on to take pure science. i love biology and chemistry but not physic and addmaths. never passed my monthly test, but amazingly i passed when i took my SPM. maybe they lower the passing rates...hahaha

good luck boys, good luck girls.make your parents proud of you too. and make yourself proud. this is only the first step before you take a bigger challenge in your life. make sure you can make it!