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Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Still Here.....

hello there...still remember me...waliz? hahaha...i am sorry...really really sorry for disappearing without giving any notice...i was so very busy...i know that is a very lame excuse but that is the truth...

right now i'm doing my practical as a student counsellor in one of secondary schools in Seremban...oh my god...its nothing like when u are in the university....just sit and listen to the i dont even have proper time to i miss my uni life...! and the worst is i dont have time to check my emails, update my blog and to visit my friends blog..isk isk isk...

my day is full in giving individual counselling, group counselling, go from one class to another to guide them in their career, give motivation, writing all the reports, relieve other teachers classes and so on....

my day starts at 6.30am..wake up and get ready and by 7.10 i already in school...give 5 minutes speech during the assembly (we take turns to do this among other 4 counsellors)...and the school finishes at 2.40pm (still early compared to people who are working in the office right? but imagine going up and down the staircase of a four storey building few times a day...and no aircond room to cool u down after that)...reach home at around 3pm...too exhausted to do anything...throw my bag and files and just land on my bed..try to get some good sleep and wake up again at some gardening or walking around my housing estate and have my dinner around 7pm..

then i will check my files again and again...make sure all in order in case my lecturer will come to observe me 10pm i will be too sleepy and just go straight to my bed....that will be my routine till 16th of May...until i get posted to another school which i dont know where on earth they will send me....

so thats my excuses for not appearing in this blogsphere for so to all my friends...i'm still here and will be here...i wont stop blogging..and if i do one day..i will let u know....ok till we meet again!

award from Nisha....thanks sweetie...:D

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Women Want...

Picture from Billy...beautiful..isnt it?

Men are alwyas complaining that women are very difficult to read...actually we are not..really! although some of u disagree with my view there are of course situations where guys just get things wrong and at the end women become unhappy..if we are happy then u also be happy..yes? no..?

i tell u what..there are little things that can make women happy..its very very simple..atleast it works for me...!

1. Call her
if u said u would call..please...just give her a call or if u r stingy (???)..just text her..and if she calls or text u..please return it ASAP...women are born with this agonising feelings over small things...thinking maybe something has happened to u or maybe u dont care etc...i dont expect immediate call but atleast tell me that u are ok and u will talk to me later...easy!

2. dress smartly
please make an effort everytime u go and see her..u dont have to look like a brad pitt in tuxedo but atleast try your best...try to find out what she likes and try to accommodate that...if she likes u to wear faded-torn jeans (for example)she will compliment u and if she doesnt like it..she will give u a hint..please take a note in your head..

3. remember some significant dates
especially her birthday, anniversaries or all the first- time...example :first time when u date her alone (usually with bunch of friends) because she will remember that also! if u do remember u'd be well rewarded...believe me!

4. show love and affection
u may not be ready to profess your undying love but u can do other things to make her happy. women love to being showered with lots of affection. like hand-holding, arm around the shoulder, and stolen kiss..they are unexpected and this will make her feel cherished..! and please leave all the mauling and groping behind..! u cannot call that equal affection! dont misunderstanding her if she wont respond favourably if u insist on grabbing her inappropriate places..u might get a tight slap on the face...hehehe..

so simple isnt it? women are simple creatures with simple needs...some of the women are quite bold in saying that they do not need men..but for me life will be boring without them! they are weird but at the same time they are unique...!hmmmmm....CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HIM...!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

What Do Your Stars Say About You?

i try very hard to concentrate on my notes, my books and whatever tools i have to study for my coming exam but to no avail...i cannot concentrate even for 10 minutes! i think i'm becoming lazier and lazier and to think this is my last exam also couldnt help either! i still have 3 days to go.. so i believe i still have lots of time to u think so? Really? u agree with me? YESSSS!!!

Ok...gimme me a break...i want to share with you this...i found this at one of my friend's blog..RJ..i think its good and i want to share it with you...but pleasee dont believe in everything ...some i find very slanderous hehehe..:D

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Ok then...i want to know about u please share with me what your stars say about you in my comment form...see u soon!

meanwhile..when i'm not around busy with my notes and books it seems my blogger friends have not forgotten about me..see below what kind of gift they presented to me even when i dont have enough time to peek on their blog...i feel touched and i love u all... thanks a lot !

Award from Bluecrystaldude....thanks my wonderful friend!!

Award from mrviruz...thanks a lot..u r my best buddy tooo...!

Thanks for this award are awsome!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Farewell Dinner For My Friends

Last Monday i invited my friends to my house for a farewell dinner...i cooked Masala Crabs, Spicy Prawn Sambal, Chicken In Yellow Tumeric Curry, fried chickens,Mix-veggies with oyster mushrooms and Coleslaw...all with the help of my maid and Achong.thanks achong....! and not to forget.. an applecrumble cheesecake from SecretRecipe..i hope there will be another reunion for us next time..!

our class supposed to finish at 12pm but unfortunately one of our lecturer has decided to have another class...that class was finished at 4pm and i reached home about 5pm! i was so worried because i dont have enough time to cook but all went well at last! these are the pictures..!and i would like to thank all of u who came that nite and thanks again to Farid..he brought us yummy fried rice and corn flavoured yoghurts..and to all members from rumah flat ikan..hehehe..for bringing fruits,keropok and cakes! that was a memorable nite to remember!

Before eating time..!

Achong eats slowly okay! zairina, sapura and seynorita - 3 dara pingitan! huhuu...

Kak Pah, Kak Maz, Ain and Reezal...where is your food?

My 3 bodyguards Farid, Jafni and Achong (my cook too..hehehe) and Ani...

With MIC gang...Anita and Siva..vanakam!

Jamilah...class will be boring without her!

wahida, connie, zairina, kak maz,ain and jamilah...