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Thursday, February 19, 2009

hellloooo ...!!

1. hello everybody...actually i feel much much better today..thanks for the prayers my friend....
2. so sorry for not telling u that i was having quite a major operation 2 weeks ago to remove one of my internal organ that i wish not to tell what...hehehe
3. i'm on my 6 weeks medical leaves but i couldnt post anything interesting rite now...
4. did anybody tell u that drinking a snakehead fish tonic sucks?? yewww...but i have to drink that everyday.. a dozen bottles already infact...but it helps a lot!
5. i do visit your site from time to time eventhough i didnt leave any comment...not yet..let me recover first..kayy!
6. i lost weight!! i dont intend to because i always hoping to gain weight...sad!
7. i went through hell past few months but i accept that as dugaan from god..):
7. tell u what...cant wait to recover and do havoc again..till then..daaaaa...!