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Monday, August 30, 2010

happy independent day Malaysia..!

i love my country..i cannot imagine myself be apart from him..dont get me wrong..but everybody should love their country right? no matter how hard life is, or how difficult we want to go from destination to another destination because of the traffic jams ..i still love my country..

i'm very proud to be the citizen of Malaysia..when i travel to another country i can be very excited..because i wanted to see different views, different peoples and their exotic foods..but after few days i will miss my country back..i cant wait to go home and to mingle wth my family..have my favourite foods etc..

there's thing i dislike..but let me keep it in my we shouldnt talk bad about other people, i also dont like to talk bad about Malaysia..theres a proverb hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri lebih baik hujan batu..ohhh sorry if u dont understand malay..i kind of lazy to translate it to english hehehe..okay..oky its something like..even if other country is better than ours..but at the end u still wanted be at home..hmmmm hope u understand wht i'm trying to say..:)

today we are celebrating our 53th independant day..what about yours..when is yr national day?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


you remember or not when at earlier post how i wished our government would give us a civil servants a bonus for Hari Raya?? wish comes true!! this will be a big surprise because i thought it will never happen...RM5000...ooppss..RM500 my dear. it can make a lot of difference u know...:))

what a sweet 25th August also our salary my head i already made some calculations here and there..what to buy and what not to more handbags of course..this year only i bought 2 branded and Louis vuitton..the price total all together was almost as much as my one month salary..hmmm i will use it again even though it is not brand new anymore..

a few pairs of baju kebaya, tailor-made..I'm not a big fan of baju kurung but my nature of job would want me to wear it all the time..if u give me a choice i would love to be clad in jeans and t-shirts only..with a pair of good shoes..talking about shoes..i'm not a shoes lover so my money will be spared from buying one..will prefer visiting my relatives on my sandal..who wants to be bothered by straps and bling bling shoes during hari raya?? crazy..

some of it will goes to hari raya cookies..i will make some..the easiest cookies in this world..cornflakes, chocolate chips,kuih gunting and kuih goyang or bunga ros. the must have is pineapples tarts (already ordered 4 balangs hehehe)and maybe add another one or two from jusco.

oh my god, i forgot to include duit raya or angpau into my budget...:((
anyway..thank god.. the bonus will surely less my burden..:)

pssst...anybody who wants to borrow i will charge u 40% of interest..muahahaha!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

about ramadhan, shawal n bonus...

nothing much happening this week. we already in the second week of for me i just do the routine like usual. nothing special. next month is the month of Syawal.its time for celebrating after one month of fasting. nothing much to celebrate again.still didnt buy clothes, cookies etc..the only thing i look forward to is to be with my family members on that special day. i love being surrounded by my family members. we will talk about anything and everything under the skies and we will keep planning what to cook and what to eat..hmmm cant wait for the day..:) oh i forget to tell u that my family and i are planning to wear purple on the first day of Eid..hahaha!!!

i also has posted my forms (if u remember ab this on my earlier post) by poslaju berhad. i hope they will consider my applications. if everything goes well, i will started this on December.what it is? hahaha...wait for my announcement ya? i'm crossing my finger right now.

well, i am really scratching my head now wht to that's it..till next time..daaaaaa!

psssttt...i hope the government will announce some good news for all civil servants like me..maybe bonus for hari raya???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

feel like sharing with u one of my favourite kids song..why suddenly?? because its raining cats and dogs everyday lately...i feel blessed.. some more during ramadhan..what else i could ask for more...nice weather wth cold fresh air..lets sing a song now..

Rain, rain, go away
come again some other day...

its raining its pouring
the old man is snoring

went to bed
and knocked his head
couldnt wake upin the morning

i am sure all of u also have favourite kiddie song that always humming in your head one a while..wanna share it with me?

Monday, August 9, 2010

My New Episode..

this is not a Twilight saga eventhough i do like Robert Pattinson aka Edward but the more i watched the movie i think i liked jacob better..he is more like this type of man that i used to read in the love story novels.."tall, dark and handsome"..Edward kinda too pale for me..chewahhh..prasan!Bella..dont mad at me..this is only a joke ok?

actually i dont want to talk about this movie..i want to talk more about myself..i am into the next episode of my life..but sorry ya..i dont want to tell you yet what it is not a secret either but lets say i just filled out a form for something that i'm dying to do all this while..more like i couldnt believe that i can do it few years ago..bla bla bla..hahaha

but i promise i will tell you if i got it..i will tell u..i will know somewhere in october or november..fuh! i still couldnt believe i dare to participate in this...:))maybe you can give me some good guess..just for fun will ya? if its true..i will ki$$ your site everyday for 1 about that? and please pray for me that i will successful to get a place..if not ........jeng jeng jeng..i will try again next hard feeling!