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Monday, July 26, 2010

Betrayal of the first degree!!

i feel so sad...
i feel betrayed..
i trust u so much but u did this things to me..
i couldnt believe u could do this to me..
how can i trust u again?
the first time u did ths i forgive u..
but u keep repeating the same mistake again and again..

but this time it hurt me so much..
i want to cry but there is no more tears..
how could u do this to me?
why and why?

the only thing u should do is to ask..
i will give u all if u ask..
my mistake is to trust u too much..
i hope this will be the last..
if not dont ever utter the word SORRY again..
believe me..there is a limit to everything..
so pls listen carefully..
there will be no second chance...

Friday, July 23, 2010

very busy week

- 10.30 am - went to Dewan MPS Seremban to bring form 5 students to Educational Exhibitions from IPTS.
- 2.00 pm - went to immigration department to take new form. i lost mi IC so need to make a police report first.
-3.30 pm - Program Teknik Menjawab soalan AddMaths for form 5 students.
- dinner at chinese oriental

- busy in schools as usual
- 2.00pm - went to immigration again to submit forms
- dinner at Fish Manhattan

- handling a program for students
- rush back to kg to visit my arwah aunty. she died last nite. may she rest in peace.

- handling English and Pendidikan Agama Islam programs
- went to KL for field trips to Malaysian Arts Institute, KLMU n The one Academy.

- handling program 3 penjuru for teachers, students and their parents
- dinner at kensington.

Have a nice weekend to waliz and friends!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Service Excellency Award 2009

1. Today is the most happiest day in my life.
2. Barely 2 years i did my duty as a counsellor in my school, i been awarded Service Excellency Award for year 2009.
3. Very-very happy.
4. Speechless
5. Strive to work harder this year.
6. Thanks to my family,principle, senior assistants, fellow counsellors, colleague and everybody.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lets Make Money From Your Website

hi fren, i'm back! still having some pain here n there but ths could not stop me from blogging, yeah! like older people said 'old habits die hard'. so while i surfing here, surfing there, blogwalking here,and blogwalking there..i found this one website which offer me how to make money with our own website.curious as a cat (hehehe) i just signed up (its free so nothing got to lose here). it's something like this...

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so lo n behold, i just cut and paste the banner code in my website and also send the message to all my members in weblog, walla! in one nite i already got myself $6.40. i think it was not so bad. i dont have to do much but the money will keep coming (slow n steady la). so why not all of u try this? and one more thing, even though people clicked and not joining, u will still get 5 cents. awsome!! maybe u still cannot understand what i'm trying to tell but why dont u click open the link below to get it and see it for yourself. dont hesitate, just click.maybe u will thank me after this, who knows?? yeahhh...

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Monday, July 12, 2010

I am Sick!

My Simptoms

1. cough nonstop
2. sore throats
3. headache
4. fever
5. muscle pain
6. asthma

went to see a doctor.

1. nebulizer
2. injection at my buttock
3. lots of pills!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

my new notebook

i bought this netbook recently. no complain so far, only sometimes i must be very2 patient to wait especially when using internet.but very easy to carry it everywhere, light and small.i can even put it in my handbag.this is the other features :_

•10.1" widescreen
•Companion PC for browsing and basic connectivity
•Light, stylish and highly portable
•Up to 11 hours of battery life rating
•Travel-friendly features

and lastly i love the color!! dont know why i'm so into red these days:))