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Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleeping Beauty ???

I am enjoying my semester break now..after so much hard work on assigments, counselling sessions with my demonstrator and my clients, i think i deserve this break very much.

Firts of all, i want to get back my precious hour of sleeps by sleep early and wake up late in the morning. But i cant do that because now i am so deeply in love with my new hobby (blogging)i tend to sleep at 1 or 2am. This i never do before because i have set this in my mind that i must sleep at 11pm. If not the next day will be a topsyturvy day for me..i will yawning and yawning throught out my lecture.

The other reason is my eyes..yes you read it eyes..if you read my last blog..i had written about my red eyes..but no..i am not going to talk about my red eyes but my dark circles..they sit nicely friends never failed to notice this..they know if my dark circles appear it means i am not having enough of my sleep..very clever..but i am not worry..there is a beauty salon having a promotion for eye treatment at RM188 and claiming they can diminish my enemy by 5th session..Happy Merdeka Day..Hooray! almost 2am in Malaysia now..i think i better stop writing and go straight to my bed..oh i really love this need to worry about waking up early in the morning and rushing to my faculty.....good nite and zzzzzzzzz....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

To Curl Or Not To Curl

I always have a short and straight tell u the truth i dont like it...I always admire women with long and curly hair...They looked so elegent and beautiful...
But women with long and curly hair has always wanted a straight and shining hair...the one that you always watch in the shampoo can i tell you that women are always not satisfied with what they have/ i dont know the answer...maybe you can tell me whats in your mind about this..
Sooo...after made up my mind last week..i went to this hair salon and asked the guy...yes you read me right..a guy..(nowadays there is no difference between a guy or a gal...they become a successful chef, fashion designer, hairstylist etc..)He asked me what i wanted to do with my hair...this hair saloon looked very expensive so i better asked the price first..hmmmm...RM38 for cut and wash...RM260 for digital perm (I always wanted to do this).Okay thats was fine...but i didnt bring that i opted to wash and had a haicut. The digital perming i saved for that later...
But this guy couldnt speak Malay or English properly and i have a headache to understand him but he managed to persuade me to buy shampoo, conditioner and a leave in conditioner for a RM150 just because he told me my hair was thinning. After rinsing my hair he told me to put a serum because my hair was very dry..that cost me my friends...can you tell me how much this trip to the hair saloon cost me? RM208. Another RM52 to get what i want.
I didnt get to do the digital perming but i ended up paying them as much. The moral of the story is always planning what u want to do and stick to it like UHU glue..Maybe i have to wait till the end of this month..sigh..but once i do it..i promise to show it to u...daaa

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Hot Members

First of all i would like to show my gratitude with a lots of warmth heartiest thanks to one of my blog friend who i just knew few weeks ago Zublizainordin (i am sure most of you familiar with this macho guy).

You know what..when i opened my blog just now i has been greeted by this guy who congratulated me because i have been chosen as one of the six hottest members (macam tak pecaya je)..but the sad thing is i dont even know what he was talking about..ish ish ish..

Then as a naive girl (i have to put a straight face to do this).. i asked him..hey, how to go to this site that u mentioned earlier?. Can u believe that i dont even know where to find for this place.. a true gentleman (i dont know if i have this kind of patience to teach people) zublizainordin taught me where it is..the way he taught me like i was sitting right beside him now..i was so embarassed when i found out that the site is so easy to find..(its in your upper right in your blogsite)...Maybe if you have time my can check this out also..but i dont know how long my face will be you better be hurry..if not you might think that i bluffed you all or try to show off only..

Ok pals..c u again..oops before that let me introduce you to my hottest friend in UPM..Wahida and Connie..Wahida is my roommates in Temenggung Ibrahim College and Connie is from Sabah..both of them are really nice to me...thanks..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For Your Eyes Only

15 August 2007
Sound like James Bond movie but it was not...i was talking about my left eye right ..i didnt know how it happened but i think i accidently poked my own eyes..can u believe that? i poked my own left eye..
First its only a small dot of blood appeared but then its getting bigger and bigger until i have to wear sunglasses to my lecture hall to avoid any unkind staring from other people especially my classmate..but i did create unwanted attention when a lot of my friends become more curious and asked me what had happened to me (wearing sunglasses in the morning of course very weird thing to do).
Then i went to UPM Klinik Kesihatan and the beautiful doctor said my blood vessel in my eyes has been ruptured and thats why it looked red..but she assured me that it was nothing to worry about..hmm..should i believe her or not..but she gave me one day mc (thats the best part) and ask me to rest..(actually i was hoping for 2 days).
So here i am..resting infront of my laptop (quite boring to stay at home) and promised myself to update my blog..and to my friends who read this...teruskan perjuangan (hehehe)..dont get jelous of me because i know all of you are struggling now in class..hidup 4 flat..
Kak maz, kak pah, ain, reezal, wahida (sorry couldnt be your partner in counselling session this week)...hope to c u soon...if i'm lucky my red eyes will turn blue next week..daaa

Friday, August 10, 2007

Very Interesting You Know

10 August 2007

Since i been introduced to ths blog..i occupied my time in clicking, searching, trying and did everything that i think i want to do with this new toy of mine...sometimes i forgot to eat and sometimes time just passed by and i didnt even realized it..
So, few days ago when i busied myself wth clicking here and there i saw a familiar name that used to be my classmate when i was doing my form six in Port Dickson High School..i quickly contacted her..and true enough she was my long lost friend Roshatika..
This is very interesting...i hope to meet more friends be it old or new friends..i will treasure all of you in my life..welcome..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ex-STJ Reunion (Seremban)

This is my photo with my ex classmate from Tuanku Jaafar Science School in Kuala Pilah. It happened to be my friend Hisham (now is Director of Tourism in Negeri Sembilan) birthday. He treated us with dinner in Allson Klana.We had chineese food that nite.. Far left is my friend Nazlishah currently working in Maxis Seremban, then Zalinah a teacher in Bagan lalang and from my right is Ita from Bangi...very nice..anybody from STJ especially year 88 ..if u read this pls contact me..i cant describe how i missed u all so much..

Actually i quite surprise to get this invitation after 17 everybody looked..some getting smaller and some getting bigger hehehe..but they said i looked the same and even said tht if i wear school uniform..people still will tell that i am a school girl..i dont buy that actually...i hope we can meet up again and everybody has to bring along their family so we can get to know each other better..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How to motivate myself..

i dont know where to start but i think my confidence level already going down fast..this is because when i attend counseling individual classes i make a lot of mistakes..looks like i dont have any skill at lecturers really got annoyed and i looked like a bum..infront of everybody..i dread of her class until i cannot sleep if i have to attend her class the next day...anybody..pls help..

Monday, August 6, 2007

Who Said It'S Easy To Be A Councelor

6 August 2007

Can't believe after 7 semester studying now i know it's so tough to be a i regret it? The answer is yes and no..yes because now i know that i must be skillfull (and i dont have tht skill eventhough my lecturer said i can learn it) and no because this course has brought me to a new dimension..

What new dimension? well... i can say that i am much a better person compared 2 years ago..i learnt a lot..and i can say that i can help others (only when i got my licence..but i sure do). Especially for my student who are waiting for me to give service at school (hope the Education Department wont sent me far away from my family..please..please..)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

5 August 2007

u know is a boring day for me..just 'lepaking' in the house...worst is tomorrow i have exam and i am still not prepare for it..sigh..

Saturday, August 4, 2007

3 August 2007

Hi..a tiring day for me..first i couldnt believe i own a blogsite..after tht i getting a headache because i find it very stressing...i cant get into what i want..this is like trial and error..sometimes i can do and next i forgot the step..lucky today is a holiday..i cant even sleep properly..eager to check my blogsite..i have been biten by this blog bug!!!!somebody out there...pls help me..if not i can go crazy...