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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Cow story....

this is me...not related to the story i'm going to tell...ahaks.

euwwwww!!! this blog full of dust already....!!must do some clean up...ohhhh so holidays near to end but i dont get to go anywhere..with floods and landslide everywhere i think i better snuggle up in my bed and just sleep through...atleast i wake up feel fresh! and i dont have to fork out money...with the current financial crisis and economic breakdown i think i should safe more money...yeah i feel quite guilty about my last shopping spree but that will be only for this year...2009 will be new year and new resolution...nahhhh dont believe that crap!

last eidul adha i went back to beloved sister wanted to sacrifice a
cow for her family...i dont participate in the event because like normal people..i cant stand to see the blood splurting around eventhough some people seems to enjoy the moment...!but that is their choice rite..?

talking about 'korban' i remember one special incident happened to me few years ago...that time i just got my teaching my mom persuaded me to buy a female
calf for some kind of investmnt...hehehe...she said in no time the cow will multiply..and i dont even have to lift a finger...somebody will take care of it for me...true enough after my baby got herself pregnat..but dont ask me who the father is! when the time was due..she got a problem in the delivery process...the baby's leg sticking out first so it got entagled (am i using the right word?)

we called the veterinar and god knows how he tried to save the mom-to-be and the baby but failed. i remembered somebody told my mom that they had to slaughter the cow..if not she would suffer a great deal...! listen to this advice,both of and my mom cried our heart out...!ohhhh..i dont want to think and talk about ths anymore...i was really stressed that time and no matter what i'm not going rear any cow or goat again....!but i do think sometimes..if she survived that time i might be a rich woman by now...i may have 10 or 20 cows and if one cow cost about RM1800..ha u kira sendiri berapa! but for now...abuk pun takdak! i just buy the meat in supermarket and think about my cow...hehehe.

btw i manage to enter the final round of blog's idol contest at bluedreamer's place..and i need your help to vote for me atleast...i only get 2 votes so far compared to 8 votes by the other participants...ok thanks to u in advance! my choice of song is "SEE U AGAIN" by Miley Cyrus...arigato!