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Friday, December 11, 2009

things tht i managed to do in disember 2009

wth my friend aishah during annual dinner at allson klana resort..
1. i managed to finish my third semester of my masters..and get quite a good results.

2. i jadi 'invigilator' (dont know the spelling is correct or not..will check it out later) for stpm..and being paid for it eventhough i have to sacrifice half of my year end holidays..

3. have to do a lot of preparation for my youngest brother wedding on 20th disember 2009..hope he and the wife will be happy ever after.

4. clean up the garden..i neglected it so it looked much much better.

5. looking for a nice dress for the it! a nice red embroidery baju kurung pahang...bought it at Vera Lin boutique, Seremban 2. But the sarong was quite big..will alter it soon.

6. need to go for a holiday..but it was just planning..again and again couldnt go anywhere..maybe next year..sigh!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

There you are!

Best wishes to your brother on his BIG day :-) ... and hello from SpeedyCat

waliz said...

hello speedcat..thanx for visiting me after so long...:)

fatiah said...

Good to see you back online. will come back again soon.

AzAzura said...

guess who's back?
Wlecome back dear hopeyou are well, looks like you have done a lot lately.I miss you lah! xx

waliz said...

kaka fatiah :glad to c u too..
azazura : miss u too

Anonymous said...

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tiger said...