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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Next Level

yesterday i received a very good news from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. my applications to do my PHD in Sociology of Education has been accepted! this is the best news i received before the year 2010 ended.

at the same time i have doubt about myself. can i do it? well, i did well in my masters but i know it is not the same. some people called it Permanent Head Damage and some people called it Permanent Heart i have to go through all this? do i need to do all this? my life is quite comfortable right now. i dont know but this is my decision. i was the one who applied..nobody has forced me to do it.

well..whether i like it or not, i already put one step and i cannot reverse my decision. i hope i can do well. i hope i manage to finish it on time. i wish...

please God, let it be the best decision that i ever made.

pssst.. sent my mom off to Melbourne Australia at LCCT yesterday.. i wish i could follow her but my budget is i have to start worry about my education fees...:(


chokeLy said...

congrets waliz..
bess nye pat smbg phd.
waliz wat sy jdi b'smngat jgk nk smbg semester dpn..
^^.. insyallah..

tahniah tahniah n tahniah...

Cheqna said...

Congrats my fren..n good luck! insyaAllah u can do, trust in yourself.


al-Misri said...

Congrats and good luck...:)

anie,Nagoya said...

cak....n gd lucky.dah lama tak kecini.

Joel C Anatoli said...

Just get a student loan..