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Monday, April 11, 2011

Down The Memory Lane

6 days to go.i have been waiting to do this long time a go but never have a chance. now i have the opportunity i cant wait to go. i'll be away this sunday but i will tell you on the last minute only where is the destination. i'm so evil muahahaha...

when i was a kid, my late father went there for a course cum work. he stayed there without us for about two years. everymonth without failed he sent us a parcel full with chocolates and toys. we were eagerly waiting for his presents. but everytime the parcels came, the chocolates already melted. but we ate it anyway. it tasted better than the local chocolates anyway.

when he finally came home i was about 4 years old. yeah it has been long time.and now it was my turn to go there..i wish i can share with him my experiences when i come home. i can share the name of places i go and i am sure he will still remember the place. until the last moment we talked about it and i could see how he was happy to talk about this place. but now i couldnt share it with him. i was regret he didnt take us along with him that time. but he told us, my mom was scared to follow him that time. she was rather stayed behind at kampung with my grandmother and grandfather. she didnt want to follow him. so he left us and went alone.

after that my father never left us again except for the last 2 years he was in the army. they sent him to Labuan, Sabah. like before, my mom didnt want to follow him. this time the reason was, i was going to sit for my big exam when i was in primary school. but the sacrified paid off. i got 5A's in my exam. then i was away in boarding school. then out of the blue my father came home for good. he was with us until the last breath. i miss u ayah. i wish u can send me to the airport to the place you have been to once..i would love to..i really do eventhough it is impossible.i really really miss u ;(


Cheqna said...


my guess? uk or us..hehe..but wherever you are going, have a safe trip and have fun!

envy you :-)

Chekgu Azrine said...

alhamdulillah/.. have a safe journey.. and don forget to show us the pics when u get back here.. kak waliz.. tak saba nk g bandung ni.. nak soping!!

NIZARAZ Lover said...

I missed ayah too, very much.

Have a safe trip, along and shares the memories with us...

Nonoy said...

I still can't guess what place would that be. hehe. Good luck on your trip Waliz. :-)