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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged !!!

Oh my god..i've been tagged again..and this time it's from Nisha. Before this i've been tagged by wanorizan and roshatika but sorry to say i didnt do anything about it because i dont know how to tag!!!
i know i sound like an alien from planet Mars..if u dont know how to tag people how come u can be in this blogging era, right? So to update myself with this new skill ..i keep asking here and there (my friends) and after much understanding i am going to try it the end of this writing all of u will know who i am going to tag..hehehe..surprise!surprise! But there are rules to be followed..

Rule 1: Without changing the first letter, write a sentence that captures you/your essence.
Rule 2: Tag as many people as you want, but do tag at least one. This is an eye opening experience and can express to those who read it, things about you that they did not really understand before.
Rule 3: List who you are tagging.

I am going to tell all of you about myself from A to Z

A for Alhamdulillah..I am very grateful for what i have in this world
B for Beauty..Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
C for Curiosity..i always wanted to learn something new
D for Danger..i wont try anything looked dangerous like rollercoaster..
E for Excitement..I feel great when i feel excited
F for Forgiven..i can be so angry today but i will forgive people the next day
G for God..i believe there is god
H for n happiness are very important for me.
I for Intelligent..i want to be an intelligent women with good career
J for Jelousy..I am a very jelous type of person
K for Kindness..i feel great if i can help person in needs
L for Love..i love my family and peoples around me
M for Money..for me money is important..i can have the best things with money
N for Neat..i always make sure my place neat and tidy
O for favourite stone
P for Patience..thats me
Q for Queensland..wish i can go there one day
R for Rice..i must eat rice atleast once a day
S for Sleep..i need atleast 8 hours of baby uh?
T for Tension..i always get tension over a small thing
U for Urgent..i dont like to delay my work or anything..must be punctual
V for Violence..i hate men who uses violence to a weaker sex or kids
W for Wealth..i envy Sultan Brunei for his wealth
X for Xmas..reminding me i have another 5 days before i'm getting older
Y for Yummy..i love to eat and can't put on weight
Z for Zoo..i hate zoo..i pity the animals in the cage

And nowwww..the lucky persons who get tagged are...Zublizainordin, Arina, Azzra, Abdul Latif, , Nisha and Aaeman


Sarcasm Abounds said...

very nice list


nisha said...

ohh am so sorry waliz.. i was away since yesterday and coudnt help u know how to tag:( but now as u know... the list was awesome:))

actually it was my first time i had also been tagged and was so confused myself;) but somehow i managed!

btw happy ramadan mubarak to you! are you keeping fast? ur muslim no?

Arina said...

Waliz, Did'u mine that I must follow what u has did? Actually I'm still blur. How many person that I must tag? Never mine I will try it later, thanx

Waliz said...

thats all i can think about myself SA..maybe other people can tell me more honest opion ab myself

Waliz said...

hi nisha..its ok bcos like you.. i just try it out and it worked!i feel great bcos now i know wht to do..thanks to u if not i'll be in the dark forever..i am a muslim and a Malay and happy ramadan al mubarak to u too..

Waliz said...

kak..its quite easy to tag..chewahh now tht i know already..just go to the new post and write down from A to Z about yourself..choose 5 of yr favourite blogger and write their name in the post..highlight their name then click add link (its on the left top)..then u fill up the url then click ok.if u still confuse i will teach u when we meet up..ok?

jon said...

Great list. :) I enjoyed learning something new about you!

Waliz said...

thaks for dropping by jon..hope to c u again next time

emanrais said...

Mine tagged by Waliz? What can I say? Felt lifted as high as made me can't talk even a word but love. Yes, it's only love. Sincere love. I loved all of you in there.

Waliz said...

Thanks for the love..give it a try i can know about you better..

Zmoney said...

lol love the list!

Waliz said...

thanks zMoney...would love to know about you too..

Leo said...

hi Waliz!
It's the first time that I post a comment here, but I've been reading you...
I like the things that you wrote.
I'm from Brazil and sometimes I post in english, it would be very nice to welcome you there!

Nice to virtual-meet you!

Waliz said...

nice to meet u too leo..what i love ab ths blog is i got to know new friends like you frm all over the world..i've checked yr post but i couldnt read in if u write smthing in english pls let me know..i would love to read it and leave a comment or two..