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Friday, March 12, 2010

i dont understand men really

I do think men come from Planet Mars. It is so difficult to understand them. Sometimes they can make you go crazy. Sometimes they are so adorable you will want to hug them forever. Sometimes you would want to punch them on the face. Quite harsh but that is my opinion.

I do think men came from the other side of the world. When you be nice to them they wont appreciate it. If you don’t bother, they will try to seduce you. Try to attract you with so many things. Will pamper you and send you flowers.
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H. Nizam said...

Hello friend,
Thank you for following my blog on Google. I have also followed your blog. I like your blog, it's easy to access, nice looking and informative.
Congrats! Let's keep in touch okay?

waliz said...

thank u nizam for liking my blog..sure will keep in touch,see u again.