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Monday, March 29, 2010

Why You Need At Least $100 With You

I know the topic seems to be quite ridiculous but I want to ask ,’ how many of you exactly carrying that amount of cash with you?” and credit card is not included in this.

These are the reason:

1. Imagine when you are driving and then suddenly you have a flat tyres somewhere and there is no help that you can think off.

2. Your kids or one of your family members are sick. At least you can go to the nearest clinic and be sure you can pay the bills.

3. You need to go to the groceries because your fridge is empty.

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Angel1649 said...

I guess I've never really thought about it, and now I'm wondering why I don't always have $100 with me at all times. I'm going to be rather paranoid until I make it to the bank!

Chic Scientist said...

I feel you. I always try to have some change on me whenever I'm going out.

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Dr. Jason said...

If I have money, I tend to spend it...which is why I carry $0.00.

Still, this was an interesting post!