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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hooked On Sydney Sheldon's Novel

I’m an avid fan of author Sydney Sheldon and I want to tell you why.

According to the title above I must admit I am a true fan of Sydney Sheldon’s novels. I have all the eighteen novels of various titles and the most favourite is The Other Side of Midnight. I cannot tell or describe my craziness of his novels and I cannot get enough. I feel very sad when he passed away because i know i could not get myself any new novel from him. Let me tell you why Sydney Sheldon’s novels are addictive.

1. The main character in the novel is a woman. In all of his novel, Sydney Sheldon was portraying a woman as a hero who overcomes any hardness and struggle in life. I always imagine or putting myself in the character shoes and imagine myself as the hero.

2. The plot is very interesting and stimulating. Once you started reading his novel, you cannot put it down. I always read the novel and finish it in just two days. I would skip lunch or dinner because I was reluctant to let it go until i finish reading.

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Juliet said...

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BillyWarhol said...

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saruang said...

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treesaro said...

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fatia said...

the other side of midnight is my fav too.

naaarg said...

sIdney ... big fan lol :D