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Thursday, June 3, 2010

20 Signs Your Man is Cheating On You

Sometimes women can be so naive when talking about relationship. They are too trusting on their partner or spouses they tend to be blinded by his actions that shows that their men are cheating on them. Let’s us see what it is.

1. They often come home late and get angry when we ask him their where about.

2. They use phone in the toilet and put in silent mode when they received messages. Sometimes you can feel their uneasiness when received phone calls when he is with you.

3. Always give an excuse when we try to be intimate. For example, feel tired, no mood and something else.

4. Less communications with you unless he is the quite type.

5. Spend out more time than in the house and look very uneasy when he is at home.

6. Start being very prudent with his money but lots of stuff for him like new clothes, perfumes and shoes.

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8. Send out text messages at odd times like in the middle of the night.

9. Spend more time chatting on the net.

10. Doing more out-station work than before.

11. Start exercising more.

12. Sometimes when he feels guilty he try to be nice to you.

13. He likes to compare you with somebody else and starting to find fault with you.

14. He acts coldly when he is with you only but try to impress you when with family friends and relatives.

15. He will tell that you are not a good cook and hurriedly find excuse to eat outside.

16. You cannot see his phone lying everywhere.The phone will always be with him.

17. Every time when you answer your house phone and the other person do not want to talk to you.

18. Your instinct tells you that something is wrong with your husband. He is not like his usual self and you know you are not at fault.

19. You found a restaurants or hotels receipt but you yourself never been there.

20. His credit card bills suddenly become high but you do not see what he is buying.

The signs above may be not correct 100% but some of it might be true. The most important is to follow your instinct. Happy reading!

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bluedreamer27 said...

yahoo!!! waliz is back!!

bluedreamer27 said...

hahaha... good thing i don't have wifey yet... and should never do these things of course..
i'll be loyal to her woot woot

bluedreamer27 said...

have a great day Waliz and happy blogging
so happy to know that you're updating this blog still

bluedreamer27 said...

ahaha.. of course waliz.. i am big fan of yours remember ahaha...happy blogging my friend

waliz said...

many2 thanks to u bluedreamer..i will try to update more after this..:))

Nonoy Avellanosa said...
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Nonoy Avellanosa said...

Hi Waliz. You got a cool blog here. I like the color blending, cool to the eyes.

About the signs of men who's cheating on their partners, uhmmm, I agree with these, but there are also times that you can't really tell. There are guys who don't intend to cheat, they just probably interested with someone and can't resist the temptation. Even though they do these things, you can't still tell if he's cheating on you or not. :-)

Bella said...

Hi.. First time dropping by here..

Well, I've had an experience on this matter only recently actually. And he's sleek.. He didn't show it until I actually managed to hack into his PC and found all sorts of proofs.. Maybe there are the slick cheaters and the not-so-good ones. The not-so-good ones are easier to catch but the real players, it took 2 long years filled with lies

MyThings said...

haha... quite a list you have there..