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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Spend Your Holiday Leisurely

Long holidays can be bored sometimes if you could not think of anything to do. Here I try to give you some tips and hope you can spend your holidays more meaningful after this.

School holidays are coming. Everybody would love to have some nice holidays to spend with your love ,ones but except for going somewhere which are expensive and time comsuming why don’t we try to do something different like these:-

1. Try to go for a movie especially the one which suited everybody in the family. Spend some money on food stuff children likes like cotton candy, porcorn and coca-cola. Buy some souviner that comes with the as and movie.Example, toys like character in the movie.

2. Get the children to wake up early and go for mountain climbing. If not you can choose a hill behind your house and start walking up the hill. Show the chidren the floras and the faunas that you find along the track.This is so fun they will ask you to bring them back again.

3. Try out new recipes. The one they love to eat in the restaurant but you never have a chance to cook before. My children loves cheesecake so I try to find out the recipes for the cheesecake. We go to the supermarket and choose the ingredients together. After reach home they usually could not wait to start the cooking. This is a good experience for the kids so they would not rely too much on us to do simple cooking like frying eggs and making an omelletes.

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bluedreamer27 said...

i guess i'm weird because every holiday, i prefer to stay inside haha

bluedreamer27 said...

happy blogging Waliz.. desit mean you're really back??? yipppee

jaruwan said...

Its very nice post,i enjoy to read all of them.

Fill Your Ads said...

happy holiday