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Saturday, March 12, 2011


My heart goes to those who has been affected very badly by tsunami especially in Japan. i pray to god it will not happen here in Malaysia even thought nothing is impossible nowadays. i cannot imagine the sorrow and despairs of the people who had lost their family members and their belonging. oh god please ease their pain in whatever way You can give them.

me too having a tsunami right now. i had made a terribly bad mistake and i had to pay for the consequences especially in monetary terms. but please god give me a second chance to rectify this problem. i made lots of mistakes in the past but this is the biggest so far. tomorrow is the D-Day for me and i hope i can get through. please give me the strength.

whatever the consequences i am still grateful that my problems are not as bad as whatever happened in Japan. the total lost is so huge, peoples had lost their family members, their property and many things. i cannot imagine how they are going to rebuild their life back to normal.i pray to god, give them the strength to face the world after this.


anie,Nagoya said...

tgk air laut berombak menuju ke jpn amat takut.tmpt kita jauh sekali dari bencana tu.gegaran yg paling besar.mesti mereka truma ya?

waliz said...

kesian kan anie..diaorg hilang segala-galanya dalam sekelip mata. seumur hidup trauma rasanya.

Cheqna said...

Dear Waliz,

hope u have settled ur "problem"

condolences to the Japanese..everyone's sadden by this, and amiin to ur doa..hope our country dijauhkan dari bala sebegini..

take care and $miles always

waliz said...

thanks cheqna..everything is quite okay right now and i hope it will forever.

Cheqna said...

alhamdulillah ..n amiin.


Mannoy said...

Nice to know that you were able to get through your own tsunami. Wishing you the best


waliz said...

yes mannoy..thank u again :)

fun4u said...

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Nonoy said...

I also sympathize to those tsunami victims in japan. I also hope it won't happen in the Philippines and all the rest of the world.