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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Indigenous People of Malaysia

our prime minister and ministers
these kids are from Semai Group
they performing their cultural dance for this program
arent they cute?what an experience! eventhought i'm still fatique, tired and having a backache but i was enjoying my stay in Pahang. we managed to visit 2 villages. that was in Kg. Runchang and Pos Betau in Pahang.

overall they lived below poverty. they have a basic necessities. with no electricity and clen water. they dont even bother about educations eventhough they been provided with schools with good infrastructure. but the problem is they dont have good transportation to go to school.they kids was eager to learn but most of the time they couldnt catch up with the syllabus. they speak their own language so bahasa melayu is their second language. so you know how difficult for them to grab the subject.

but they love entertainment. they can sing well and most of them have good the way to tackle them is with song. you can see how lively they are when they sing a song. you name one song they can know. amazing! maybe we can introduce something like learning through a song for them? hope the education ministry can do something about this so they can be better in their academic achievement.


fun4u said...

Nice and also visit back at thanks

anie,Nagoya said...

hai dear....miss u.

umah kita tgh banjir....
banjir malas.hihihi...
akhirnya waliz g jg kg org asli.
comei dia gan bdk2 tu.sib baik dpt cam.hihihihi....

euro said...

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Cheqna said...

Thank u for sharing their plights..reading this, I'm very thankful for our "easier" live compared to them..

yes they are cute...praying that they'll be successful in future and in turn, able to help their community.