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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pain Pain Go Away

i'm having this pain lately. it has been almost one week but it is still there. the last time i was singing rain, rain go away but now its pain, pain go away..its quite painful and make me feel very uncomfortable. the pain started at my left feet. when i woke up in the morning, i dread to step on my floor because thts when the pain started. and now i have pain on my right shoulder. that kind of sharp and stinging pain. there are few possibilities how my shoulder get the pain.
1. my pillows are not good
2. need to change my mattress
3. spend too much time on computers
4. getting older
5. sprained my muscle

i dont know which one but it will not solve my pain even if i know wht is the caused. i dont want to see a doctor first.i want to bear the pain for a while. if i cannot take it then i will have to have a visit wth the doctor either in private hospital or the government hospital. but that is another story.

at this moment, i just rub my shoulder wth an ointment. the pain will go away but after the effect from the ointment gone, i will be in pain again. sigh..maybe i should stop blogging for a while and give my arm and shoulder a good rest. what do u think my friends?

but actually its nothing compare to other people who has terminal disease or chronic pain like cancer or heart problems..god forbid..maybe this is a test from god..HE wanted to test my patience during crucial time..but i do hope the pain will go soon.

and because i'm so much in pain, my blogger friend Faisal has made a special fish soup just for me.if u like soup u should try this's really delicious. thank u Faisal.


Faisal said...

Thanks for supporting me I also worry about your pain. It will go I will pray spacialy for you. Now your Yamme recipes having a back link on my blog. Keep support each other. whaile reading your blog it will be your test from God.

Pink Diva said...

Get well soon sweetie..

waliz said...

@ faisal
thanks will be better..not to worry

@ pink diva
thanks girl

Faisal said...

How about your pain today. I hope now it's gone. Get well soon and don't worry it's a part of life. May Allah the All Mighty give you perfect health. Ameen. Good news i cross 100 today waiting my first paycheck.

waliz said...

@ feeling much better now.thanks for your concern :)

AzAzura said...

You need to see the doctor, my mum had just been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis which starts at her neck , berbulan -bulan sakit tengkok.I bukan nak takutkan you , but please get your neck sorted att he doctor , flower mwah mwah xx

waliz said...

sorry to hear about your mom pain is getting better..i hope it was nothing..thanks for your advise my dear