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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

life and death

nothing much happen this life goes on like usual. to tell u the truth i think i am bored. even in school nothing much i can do. life as counsellors also nothing much to talk about. students are too buzy preparing for the exams PMR, SPM and they dont look for counsellors to pour out their problem. they are more focus to their studies..there are so much to catch up.

when i was a student, i was not the studious type. i will study when i feel like to study. my ambition just wanted to be a teacher or lecturer. i wanted to further my study oversea like in UK or in Australia. but god already had plan for me. i ended being a normal primary school teacher and got my training in teacher's college only.not my hometown only. when i feel bored teaching Bahasa Malaysia to standard 3 and 4 pupils i tried to apply to get my degree.i was successful and ended up as a counsellors now in secondary schools. i think this time its quite a challenge job u see. i have to listen to all their problem and grouses towards their peers, parents and even their teacher. but as a counsellor, i cannot taking side eventhough i know what they did is wrong. the student or my client is the most important person to me. i need to listen and try to help them as best as i could. their problems are varies. all sort of problems..the unthinkable!! their lifestyles are so different from my lifestyles last time.they are more daring, bold in sharing about their problem. some will tell their intimate moment with their couple and doesnt show any remorse about it. no wonder there are so many social problems nowadays.

and one more of my colleague's husband has died of heart attack. and he was young about 44 yeras old only. i pity my friend, she got 6 kids to take care of. Al fatehah.hope he will rest in peace. amin


AzAzura said...

In life we often get what we want, and you are one of my role model, taking life so positive during the hardest time.Im sorry about the loss ,my friend just lost her brother and i feel rather sad too :(

waliz said...

dear azazura, its ironic because i see u as a role model too..u r one of the strongest person tht i ever met..and at the same time u always smile and happy..sorry to hear ab yr friend :(

myfisol said...

salam.. from your explanation, I think you job is quite challenging..not all people is able to be a good counselor..

waliz said...

thanks myfisol for understanding my nature of job..but i think all type of work also challenging..:)

long time no see ya?

Nonoy said...

I too in college was a truant. I never really liked schools but now I came to like them. How I wish to go back in college and study harder.

You have a very honorable job right now Waliz. Keep up the good work.

Condolence to your friend's husband.

waliz said...

hahaha nonoy, thts wht i told my u so playful but one day u regret later.but gues what? they dont bother at all..sigh..hope thy doing well in whtever they do in the future

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