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Thursday, September 16, 2010

i'm home!

after spending almost one week wth my family celebrating eid ul fitr finally i'm home.i'm kinda of sad to leave them but what to do..i have to report duty again today.and worst still tomorrow eventhough saturday, i have to go to school for replacement. but its ok, work is still a work..i'm gad to see my friends again..lots of gossiping to do..hehe

but as expected, not many students come to school..they are still in holidays mood i guess..worst still, heavy rains poured in the morning..sigh..i wish i'm still tuck in my bed..dreaming :)

also i wanted to say sorry to all of my online friends because i have neglected them so long..not that i dont want to visit all of u but the internet connection was so slow..i dont have enough patience to today is the visiting day for hari raya..i will come and visit all of u..just wait for me..mwahhss!


Faisal said...

Welcome Home we really miss you lot's not because you did't give us revenue but we did't see your beautiful words in our comment box and massage boxes. so we very much happy that we will see your Ideas and comment again.

waliz said...

hi faisal, thanks for your kind words.see u agaian and have a nice day.