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Monday, October 11, 2010

What Sign of Zodiac You Should Be

You Should Be A Taurus

What's good about you: you're stable, responsible, and loyal to those around you

What's bad about you: you're stubborn and overly cautious - change is not easy

In love: it's easy to melt your heart with traditional romantic gestures

In friendship, you're: loyal - you'll do almost anything for a friend

Your ideal job: chef, jewelry designer, or actor

Your sense of fashion: sleek, designer, and very expensive

You like to pig out on: steak and cheesecake

BTW, I'M A LIBRA..LOL! and to birthday is tomorrow on 13 October 19**


Ismail N said...

Happy Belated Birthday Waliz. Dah lama tak stop @ your diary. Good to see that u now actively blogging dah sudah sihat I presume. Take care.. my zodiac = capricorn and I think I fine with that. :D

waliz said...

thank u ismail..long time no see ya?pls keep in touch after this, love to see u here !