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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Convo and Birthday

My convocation day is getting nearer..i went to UPM last week to collect my robe..oh my..the lady incharge told me robe S size has been taken up by others. Only M, L, XL and XXl size left. i have no i took the M size robe. as expected the robe was too big!!i dont need to wear anything because the robe already cover up everything! but that is not an opsyen lol!

when i think back..i feel just like yesterday i went for the first day of my masters classess. i remember clearly on that day, my car has broke down somewhere in Bangi.. on the highway. i was so terrified and cried my heart out. but luckily my prince charming came and rescue me at no time..fuh!

and after 2 years, i be able to finish my studies and doing quite well. i'm proud of myself.. to be able to study and work at the same time. time fly very fast. if i think back, i would gladly tell everybody who has the ambition to study.. to just register yourself and take the course that you would love to do..dont think..just go for it!you would gain lot of knowledge and this knowledge you cannot get anywhere.

somebody has asked me lately, would i pursue my study after this? and my answer is, WHY NOT?

the best thing is, my convocation day will fall on my very BIRTHDAY! how memorable day it would be!


Nonoy said...

Congratulation on your Convocation day, and advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Waliz! I wonder what day would that be? hehe. Take care. ;-)

waliz said...

thanks nonoy..i will tell u when the time comes up hahaha...:))