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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Massage Oh Massage

(pics from uncle google)

that is exactly what i did during weekend. i went for a good massage!

actually i went back to my hometown to visit my parents. my father was not feeling very well so i think i should give him a visit. i went back on saturday, thts why some of you did notice that i went missing for a while. sorry friends, i should leave a note for you next time...ahaks!

then my sister suggest me to get a good massage. and i think, why not? the lady who did massage me was soooo good. she massaged me for almost 2 hours..i feel so relax and fresh after the massage.i'm already thinking want to book her for the next visit. so if you feel stress, body aching and need something to calm you down, why dont u have a good massage? after all my father always tell me this..imagine your body is like one big have to send it to the workshop for maintenance... your body also the same...haait..what are you waiting some more? go to the nearest spa available and get a good massage!

pssstt! i wish i can do that everyday..;)


Skutt Panda PO said...

I want me to massage:)

Story in Indonesian Songs said...

I also often have a massage, one of its functions is to smooth the way of blood, relaxes muscles are tense. hopefully relax.

waliz said...

carry on panda :)

waliz said...

@story in indonesian songs

i agree wth u..we should let our muscle rilex little bit :)

Billy said...

I would like to have massage every day!

anie,Nagoya said...

nak massage jg...tapi Waliz yg massage...uuummmmm

waliz said...

billy, i wish i can do that everyday too

waliz said...

anie..kalau saya yg massage mesti u x nak massage lagi lepas tu!

joanna.elherro said...

i tried for massage and made lady sick. lol. :(

waliz said...

how could that be joanna? hahaha

Cheqna said...

My dear fren,

1stly, tq for your continous visits to my blog..appreciate it

2ndly, hope your father is much better by now.

3rd ~ i wish i could have a massage now, been a while since i had tired lah my body ni..yup, kena do some "service" as well..hehehe..

nway, take care and hv a gd weekend!