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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Prayer For Ayah

My mom just came back from melbourne last saturday and i have been with her ever since at our kampung house. so heart breaking to see her crying everyday. i know how lost she is right now without her husband of 43 years. i miss him too but i brave myself not to cry in front of her. i don't want to add salt to her broken heart. it will be more painful.

luckily i am still in my holiday break. so she wont feel very lonely. tonight we will offer a prayer in the mark of 30th days he departed from us. the last prayers we did mom was not around. and she was determined to do the best for her husband this time.

and as for me, there is so much thing i need to do but i have to put it on hold. maybe i will start everything next week. life must goes on but and at this time i know my mom need us most. thats the only comfort i can offer her right be with her all the time. i dare not to think when the time comes when all of us have to leave her to continue with our job. maybe i ask her to stay with me, but knowing her i know she wont leave the house anymore.god please help her to go through this.


bluedreamer27 said...

i know everything will turn out good and hopefully ne4xt year is a good start
will not be online tonight for xmas eve so lemme greet you now a
Merry Christmas Waliz

anie,Nagoya said...


waliz, bleh jumpa? ni alamat email kita.

29,30,4, n 5hb kita bercuti....other days waliz fkrkan ya....

Cheqna said...

Hope your mum find solace in her anak2..take care of her.

p/s - went to seremban 2 on saturday.

CAO- Chef Azura othman said...

waliz ku sayang,

20 years now that my father had gone and it feels like it was just yesterday,I hope that you would take care of your mum and yourself too, please dont neglect your health.Only time can subside the pain .I am always here for you xxxx