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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Greetings from Nagoya

time flies very fast. its going to be the 2nd week of the month. so many things i have to do...

the first week of school i have to conduct orientation program for the form 4 students. our school managed to get a good result for pmr compared to the previous year.

during the holiday, i was lucky to have met one of my blogger friend anie from nagoya. she also have a blog, 'LOVE'. she came with her husband and two cute little boys. the husband is japanese and she is a malay. i managed to show the boys my collections of monkey cups..the subject of their fascination...hahaha..i captured few photos with them but sorry to tell that the picture was blurred due to some technicalities..if i have time i will upload later anyway. if u read this anie..i'm glad to know you and i hope we can meet up again in the future.

apart from that, i also has started my PhD clsses in UKM. my supervisor is Dr Razaq and Datin Zahara. I have met Dr Razaq..he is a nice person and i hope i can work well with him in the future. his interest is in sociology and the main subject is the native people or orang asli. looks like i have to mix and mingle with them for the next three years. good luck babe..


Cheqna said...

good luck with ur studies my fren! hope u enjoy it.


anie,Nagoya said...


kita blek jpn ari sabtu.bertolak pagi dr KLIA.gmba dah byk kali cuba anta dari email.tapi terlalu lmbt.nak anta sms kita lak bz sorry.blek jpn nnt kita poska gmba dari email.hope u bleh tggu cikittt je.

akan dtg.bleh jmpa lagi.dah tau umah u.kalo ada pokok lagi nak tgk.akan dtg, nak lawat time siang pulak.hihihi...akira to enjoy dpt tgk pokok2 u.n terima kasih dari akira n satoshi.