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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family Picnic In Lubuk Petai

during Chinese New Year holidays we went to a waterfall nearby called Lubuk Petai. It was fun because all of my siblings were there. to whom who dont know where Lubuk Petai is, its actually located near Gunung Datuk, Rembau.

the water is crystal clear with lots of rocks around it. its so cold i tell you..i was shivering like nobody business after the dip in the pool.

i was regret not taking any picture because it was not planned at all. actually my ex classmate told me about this waterfall. It was a about 50 meters from her mom's house.

but my siblings and me already planned another trip to Lubuk Petai soon. This time we are going to put a tent and bring some foods to indulge after the swim. it was really fun and i cant wait to go was really a surprise because its quite near from my kampung also. all this while i know only about Ulu Bendul in Kuala Pilah and Jeram Toi in Jelebu. It was really a nice one and clean too. The best apart is not many people know about this waterfall so i can tell you its still lushes and pure not like any other commercialize waterfall.

so which waterfall you have been to and tell me about it.maybe i can take a visit one day. my ultimate dream of course to visit Niagara Fall one day. hope my wish will comes true. amin.


euro said...

Woww...Nice Placed,Where that??

anie,Nagoya said...

lubuk petai?pertama kali dengar.kat rembau?blek nnt nak cuba g le...ummm...itu pun kalo ada masa (T_T)

mesti aman kan?

waliz said...

@ euro : at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

@anie : anie u datang mesia kita boleh pegi sama2 :)

Dave said...

Sounds like it was a great time, except the cold water. I hope there will be warmer water next time. Good luck in your dream in visiting Niagra Falls.

Cheqna said...

Been a while since I went for a picnic at waterfall :-)

Nice looking place, mmm.. berkhemah and bawak food sure enjoy nya :-)

CAO- Chef Azura othman said...

I want to go!!! lama tak mandi sungai!can i come too next time?

Mannoy said...

nice place but the water seems to be very cold.
Hi. been away for a while. nice to be back :)

Nonoy said...

Nice place. I hope I can go to this place. ;-)