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Friday, January 28, 2011

Which Phone? Iphone or Blackberry?

i need a new phone. the one that i have been used for so many year was Sony Erickson. somebody had bough it for me in Dubai. it was a special phone. i have so many good and bad memories with that phone.but now it has stop working..

i remember one day when my ex school mates arranging a reunion dinner for us in Allson Klana. i drove myself that nite. then i received a phone call from one of my family member who wanted to make sure i was safely arrived. after that i put the phone on my lap. when i arrived at the hotel it was raining cats and dogs. i totally forgotten about my phone because i was busy looking for an umbrella to avoid being wet in the rain.

when i met my old friends they i became very excited. some of them, i had not see for so may years. we ate and laughed especially when we talked about our old days in school. all of us were in boarding school. so, there were so many stories to share among us. i really enjoyed it that time until one of my best friend asked me where was my phone because my family had tried to reach me but with no avail.

i frantically tried to search in in my handbag but i could not find it.then suddenly i remembered the last time i saw it was on my lap. i excused myself and ran to my car. it was still raining at that time. when i reached my car..there it was.. lying on the road was my orange colored phone! soaking wet! i felt like crying man.. it was almost about 2 hours raining!

but amazingly it was still working well.i called my family and told them i was safe and my phone i had left it in the car!hahaha...

so back to my first intentions..which brand should i buy this time? i used Nokia, Motorolla and Samsung before..maybe i need aan Iphone or Blackberry this time? can somebody suggest it to me..anyone?

but now i need to do some window shopping at the nearest phone shop maybe in Jusco. budget? hmmmm that is the most important thing that i have to bear in mind...angpow anyone?


anie,Nagoya said...

hubby gn iphone.tapi blackberry tak tahu.kita pun tak tahu mana 1 yg ok.

kita tak pnh tahu blackberry.jdi ssh, mana yg bgus....

Nisha said...

Waliz... go for a blackberry. I don't own one myself but most of my friends proudly do :)

Epul said...

Iphone. More on entertainment. Lagi best. :)

Dave said...

I have a blackberry and have no problems with it. A friend of mine had one and got rid of it because he hated it. He then got an iPhone and loves it. He says its much faster than the blackberry and he can do more with it. Hope this helps...Ki$$es

Mannoy said...

I don't have any either so i'll be reading the comments to see which one is better.


Cheqna said...

Mine is S.E as well that I've been using for couple of years, but reaching its "expiry date"..hehe..but dont think will look of either of your option as I guess its more for someone who needs to be online.

but I'm interested to read the pro n cons, who knows eh?

yeah, angpow for me as well, anyone?



anie,Nagoya said...

cik kak, bz ke?

Nonoy said...

I recommend Black Berry Waliz. It has a lot of capabilities. :-)