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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Field Work In Pahang

meet jack my bunny pet..he is so cute huh?

it has been long time, i know. i have lots of idea what to write but i just couldnt put it in my blog. finally after came back from SOPD( sorry i dont know what it is stand for but it is one of the department in general hospital.) few weeks ago i needed to go for a medical check up. they did blood and urine test and also an ultrasound. but everything turn out to be okay. i was so happy to hear this news. now i can keep my appointment cards away safe in my drawer and no need to worry things like how is my kidney doing or when is exactly my appointment is. nice huh?

today i'm going to pack my things. where to? hmmm..after hustle and bustle about what kind of leave do i have to take from everything is settled. they finally agreed that i was entitled to my Cuti Kursus Sambilan. actually i'm going to penempatan orang asli (orang asli is a native peoples in this country). as a sociologist i need to be with them, talk and observe them for 5 days.this is a part of my phd field work.i will focus about their education and career. i hope i can help do something in the future to help them to live in a better conditions and make they understand that education is a tool..a social mobility for them to improve their social economic status especially for the children.its not an easy job but if i can change their perception even a little bit i am happy..

how do i feel? i dont know what to expect yet. i hope i can enjoy my stay there and collect as many datas i can.there is a long way to go but i always positive. will update you soon about my experiences. see ya!


anie,Nagoya said...

jgn dah kat kg org asli, nangis paggil mak ya.hihihi...guwau je

seronok jg pengalaman fighting.

arnab tu cute.nak beli pet.tapi kita keje.cukup le 2org pet kat umah ni. hihihihi

waliz said...

itu la risau gak kita nangis nak balik..dah la xde tenet ngan line phone huhuhu..
ialah 2 org pet tu dah cukup cute nak jaga hehehe

Cheqna said...

Salam Waliz,

glad u r given the clean when are you going? have a good time doing some good deeds, take care n safe journey ye.

$$mile$$ 4 u!


fazrul arhan said...

The rabbit remind me on the one that i draw for a stamp post,Waliz.
Bad news,the rabbit passed away a week after i draw it:(

Nonoy said...

Hi Waliz. Indigenous people should be supported by the government, regardless what country they belong.