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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ex-STJ Reunion (Seremban)

This is my photo with my ex classmate from Tuanku Jaafar Science School in Kuala Pilah. It happened to be my friend Hisham (now is Director of Tourism in Negeri Sembilan) birthday. He treated us with dinner in Allson Klana.We had chineese food that nite.. Far left is my friend Nazlishah currently working in Maxis Seremban, then Zalinah a teacher in Bagan lalang and from my right is Ita from Bangi...very nice..anybody from STJ especially year 88 ..if u read this pls contact me..i cant describe how i missed u all so much..

Actually i quite surprise to get this invitation after 17 everybody looked..some getting smaller and some getting bigger hehehe..but they said i looked the same and even said tht if i wear school uniform..people still will tell that i am a school girl..i dont buy that actually...i hope we can meet up again and everybody has to bring along their family so we can get to know each other better..


nisha said...

i guess everyone wants to meet up with our school friends and am so glad ive been able to do so, through orkut!

orkut is one of the best just like my space and hi5.. its different actually..

Waliz said... have given me a new vocabulary 'orkut'..i will check ths out..

Liz said...

Salam waliz,
Hope u're feeling OK today. Just saw ur ex-STJ reunion pic(2007 pic), wth Cik Li, Nazli & Hisham. Don't know if you still remember me,Liz, ex-STJ 88. u're right, u look the same, girl!

waliz said...

hi liz..i am very glad to hear from u again...of course i remember u..a very cute girl wth glasses...hehehe...pls keep in touch ok?

Liz said...

Glad u're OK now.
Yeah, that's me and still with the same size. May be we're the odd one, everybody getting bigger but we're getting smaller.

take care dear