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Friday, August 10, 2007

Very Interesting You Know

10 August 2007

Since i been introduced to ths blog..i occupied my time in clicking, searching, trying and did everything that i think i want to do with this new toy of mine...sometimes i forgot to eat and sometimes time just passed by and i didnt even realized it..
So, few days ago when i busied myself wth clicking here and there i saw a familiar name that used to be my classmate when i was doing my form six in Port Dickson High School..i quickly contacted her..and true enough she was my long lost friend Roshatika..
This is very interesting...i hope to meet more friends be it old or new friends..i will treasure all of you in my life..welcome..


Anonymous said...

Using this technology world seems become too small. We can go anywhere, any time we want with just one click. Hope u can meet others from this tech

Waliz said...

yes indeed..and i am lucky to have as friend too..

Waliz said...

what i mean is YOU as a friend too..

Waliz said...