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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For Your Eyes Only

15 August 2007
Sound like James Bond movie but it was not...i was talking about my left eye right ..i didnt know how it happened but i think i accidently poked my own eyes..can u believe that? i poked my own left eye..
First its only a small dot of blood appeared but then its getting bigger and bigger until i have to wear sunglasses to my lecture hall to avoid any unkind staring from other people especially my classmate..but i did create unwanted attention when a lot of my friends become more curious and asked me what had happened to me (wearing sunglasses in the morning of course very weird thing to do).
Then i went to UPM Klinik Kesihatan and the beautiful doctor said my blood vessel in my eyes has been ruptured and thats why it looked red..but she assured me that it was nothing to worry about..hmm..should i believe her or not..but she gave me one day mc (thats the best part) and ask me to rest..(actually i was hoping for 2 days).
So here i am..resting infront of my laptop (quite boring to stay at home) and promised myself to update my blog..and to my friends who read this...teruskan perjuangan (hehehe)..dont get jelous of me because i know all of you are struggling now in class..hidup 4 flat..
Kak maz, kak pah, ain, reezal, wahida (sorry couldnt be your partner in counselling session this week)...hope to c u soon...if i'm lucky my red eyes will turn blue next week..daaa


kenareez said...

sian dia... hope your eyes well soon. dont forgot to study for monday test said...

lol poking your own eye. I once did something similar but scratched my cornea :( had me seeing blury for a good while thought it would never heal :| then it did haha weird O_o

Waliz said...

Thanx r really my best friend..

Waliz said... to the club..who want to be the president?we can ask Rayban to about it?