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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


you remember or not when at earlier post how i wished our government would give us a civil servants a bonus for Hari Raya?? wish comes true!! this will be a big surprise because i thought it will never happen...RM5000...ooppss..RM500 my dear. it can make a lot of difference u know...:))

what a sweet 25th August also our salary my head i already made some calculations here and there..what to buy and what not to more handbags of course..this year only i bought 2 branded and Louis vuitton..the price total all together was almost as much as my one month salary..hmmm i will use it again even though it is not brand new anymore..

a few pairs of baju kebaya, tailor-made..I'm not a big fan of baju kurung but my nature of job would want me to wear it all the time..if u give me a choice i would love to be clad in jeans and t-shirts only..with a pair of good shoes..talking about shoes..i'm not a shoes lover so my money will be spared from buying one..will prefer visiting my relatives on my sandal..who wants to be bothered by straps and bling bling shoes during hari raya?? crazy..

some of it will goes to hari raya cookies..i will make some..the easiest cookies in this world..cornflakes, chocolate chips,kuih gunting and kuih goyang or bunga ros. the must have is pineapples tarts (already ordered 4 balangs hehehe)and maybe add another one or two from jusco.

oh my god, i forgot to include duit raya or angpau into my budget...:((
anyway..thank god.. the bonus will surely less my burden..:)

pssst...anybody who wants to borrow i will charge u 40% of interest..muahahaha!!


Nonoy said...

Congrats. Can I borrow some of your cash? ;-) Just kidding. Nice post anyway and more power to your job and your blog.;-)

waliz said...

hahaha nonoy.. i wish i can lend u some..i dont mind sharing ;)but unfortunately..i dun think i have enuf..:(

Cheqna said...

I'm happy for d govt servants...after all some of my family members dapat..(boleh tumpang sekaki!..hehehe..)

belanja berhemah ek..


waliz said...

belanja berhemah hehehe...i like that cheqna..:)

adsense said...

It was a great post. How ever I wish it too in my country.

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Ivan Axel said...

OK dah ON Ni cik bagi lah 50!
heheh Thats alot!!

waliz said...

adsense : maybe u will get it too soon :)

axel : mai sini kalo nakk!

admin said...

congratulations, pls come to my blog and follow me back

no name said...

i think you get great present here...congratulation for you...

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Cheqna said...

berhemah n jangan berkhemah kat mana2 shopping complex dah la ye...hehe..


waliz said...

cheqna..x sempat nak berkhemah duit pon dah abissss ...huhuhu :((