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Monday, August 9, 2010

My New Episode..

this is not a Twilight saga eventhough i do like Robert Pattinson aka Edward but the more i watched the movie i think i liked jacob better..he is more like this type of man that i used to read in the love story novels.."tall, dark and handsome"..Edward kinda too pale for me..chewahhh..prasan!Bella..dont mad at me..this is only a joke ok?

actually i dont want to talk about this movie..i want to talk more about myself..i am into the next episode of my life..but sorry ya..i dont want to tell you yet what it is not a secret either but lets say i just filled out a form for something that i'm dying to do all this while..more like i couldnt believe that i can do it few years ago..bla bla bla..hahaha

but i promise i will tell you if i got it..i will tell u..i will know somewhere in october or november..fuh! i still couldnt believe i dare to participate in this...:))maybe you can give me some good guess..just for fun will ya? if its true..i will ki$$ your site everyday for 1 about that? and please pray for me that i will successful to get a place..if not ........jeng jeng jeng..i will try again next hard feeling!


Nonoy said...

My guess is that you're going to travel to some place, out of the country perhaps? I don't know. Hope my guess is right so you can click my ads everyday for one week. lol.;-)

Ms.Aisha Hashim said...

i wana try...i knoe wot...emm u wana go to ukm...ehhehe yalah because there got so many profesor...n maybe the prof wanna see u..isn't...

babajide said...

Your posts really great,keep it up

Dharak Sandeep said...

you are really writing very well. keep doing same. i am enjoying your blog. i like to kiss your blog. i am also kisser of mybloglog :)

Ebuzz Spider

waliz said...

thanks to nonoy, aisha, darak sandeep and babajide who leave nice comments at my site.have a nice day