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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

feel like sharing with u one of my favourite kids song..why suddenly?? because its raining cats and dogs everyday lately...i feel blessed.. some more during ramadhan..what else i could ask for more...nice weather wth cold fresh air..lets sing a song now..

Rain, rain, go away
come again some other day...

its raining its pouring
the old man is snoring

went to bed
and knocked his head
couldnt wake upin the morning

i am sure all of u also have favourite kiddie song that always humming in your head one a while..wanna share it with me?


Sony said...

hi it poems or lirycs....
it so origins...

put da suns to your mind
stay cool to your sign
dont cry for da rain
just callin your gfiend

Cheqna said...

its a blessing to have cool weather during this month..

when i had toothache last week, i sang pain pain go away instead..hehe..


waliz said...

sony : this is an original kiddie song..i love ur poem too..thanks.

cheqna : as long the pain goes away it can be done tq