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Sunday, August 22, 2010

about ramadhan, shawal n bonus...

nothing much happening this week. we already in the second week of for me i just do the routine like usual. nothing special. next month is the month of Syawal.its time for celebrating after one month of fasting. nothing much to celebrate again.still didnt buy clothes, cookies etc..the only thing i look forward to is to be with my family members on that special day. i love being surrounded by my family members. we will talk about anything and everything under the skies and we will keep planning what to cook and what to eat..hmmm cant wait for the day..:) oh i forget to tell u that my family and i are planning to wear purple on the first day of Eid..hahaha!!!

i also has posted my forms (if u remember ab this on my earlier post) by poslaju berhad. i hope they will consider my applications. if everything goes well, i will started this on December.what it is? hahaha...wait for my announcement ya? i'm crossing my finger right now.

well, i am really scratching my head now wht to that's it..till next time..daaaaaa!

psssttt...i hope the government will announce some good news for all civil servants like me..maybe bonus for hari raya???


Cheqna said...

hehe..hope u'll get the bonus.

we wore purple last year, this year's - brownish, even the curtains also have almost d same theme...haha

thou I'm sad that Ramadan is approaching its middle month, I'm looking frwd to my leave as we plan to have a long break at our kampung.

waliz said...

thats nice cheqna..brown=earth color..sure be nice..ab th bonus i dun think so bcos if thy want to gv thy sure already announce it erlier..hahaha

yeah long break ab 2 weeks:))

Ivan Axel said...

Ok Bonus and bonus....
ya selamat hari raya!

dont forget to buyin' me some pizza..

waliz said...

ivan axel,
thank u..u will get your pizza but first u must come to seremban..:)