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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what am i going to do?

i was a little bit tired. i have been asked by my supervisor to teach his masters student classes. it's only once a week but i have to prepare for my notes and etc. i'm not going to teach primary school students here..teaching them was so easy i can do it with my eyes blindfolded. but adult students? i hope i wont be stammering then..but oh my..i was mentally tired.

Ministry of Education has been offering teachers some kind of scholarship but without the 'RM'. they giving us some sort of full salary leave for us to further our study. but when i access the portal i kind of pissed off. it is because the subject that i've been taking on was not offered. so thats mean i cannot apply for it! i mean why they just offer it to all? i called them and the answer was that is up the the ministry to offer what they want to offer..sigh! i love to do what i'm doing right now but it will burden me if i cannot take the leave. i need it badly! i have to go to the perkampungan orang asli to get my data done. how on earth i'm going to do that if i have to go to school everyday? i can go during the school holidays but i need to observe the students doing their learning in school too? hope i will find answer to this problem soon...:(


aurenfl said...

ciao I know that you can do it

TechZarInfo said...

Thanks for your excelent info.

TechZarInfo said...

thanks for information keep smiling

fazrul arhan said...

Relax your mind my dear friend. A problem is just like a neighbour who would like to be close to you a bit close as they can.
Give them cheese,haha

Cheqna said...


do appeal my fren n hope they can consider..after all you are doing a good job.

take care.

btw, i need to check my blog setting and/or report the matter..(or may be my pc yg kena re-format..hehe)


anie,Nagoya said...

berat jg ni...

kalo u sanggup melakukkan, u cuba. pada kita kerja yg berat.

kita yakin waliz, u can do it.

hariseven said...

keep smile :)