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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dear diary,
today is not a very good day for me..i couldnt sleep well last nite because of my asthma, cough and running nose. the weather dont do justice to my well being. i dont blame the weather solely but i think my health is deteriorating since i removed my fibroid and womb last year. self pity i am but life must go on.i keep telling myself to look forward not backward. but sometimes, it is easier to said than done..

my younger brother just had his operations and now resting at my place. seeing him in pain also make me feel sad..after losing my dad i feel i need to take care of everybody in the family. i am the eldest and i feel that is my responsibility now to bond with them. i feel i am more closer with my mom, my sis and my brother now compared to last time.

talking about job, i have a meeting after school with my Senior assistant regarding students welfare. after that i have a meeting with my supervisor in university. but with my conditions right now i dont know i might be able to attend both meeting or not. i will consider it later..right now first things first...i have lots of problem to settle yet i'm very helpless...god please help me...i'm at your mercy right now.


Miecyber said...

I pray for you.So get well soon...

Tahap kesihatan dan kepantasan berjalan

anie,Nagoya said...

kita doakan moga semua bejln be ok.terkejut waliz ada asma.bawa rehat ya.

bluedreamer27 said...

so sad to hear that from you waliz... i'll include you in my prayers...
get well soon dearie

waliz said...

thanks for all the prayers..i'm a bit ok now :)

Cheqna said...

my dear fren,

get well soon..take care ye.

hugs to u!


p/s, cldnt see where I cld $mile at u..

Nonoy said...

I also have asthma Waliz and takes inhaler almost everyday. I'm already dependent on this asthma inhaler. Someday i'll stop taking this.

Get well soon Waliz and have faith in God. Take care. ;-)