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Friday, July 23, 2010

very busy week

- 10.30 am - went to Dewan MPS Seremban to bring form 5 students to Educational Exhibitions from IPTS.
- 2.00 pm - went to immigration department to take new form. i lost mi IC so need to make a police report first.
-3.30 pm - Program Teknik Menjawab soalan AddMaths for form 5 students.
- dinner at chinese oriental

- busy in schools as usual
- 2.00pm - went to immigration again to submit forms
- dinner at Fish Manhattan

- handling a program for students
- rush back to kg to visit my arwah aunty. she died last nite. may she rest in peace.

- handling English and Pendidikan Agama Islam programs
- went to KL for field trips to Malaysian Arts Institute, KLMU n The one Academy.

- handling program 3 penjuru for teachers, students and their parents
- dinner at kensington.

Have a nice weekend to waliz and friends!!!


Cheqna said...

n i thot i was bz!..hehe

Salam takziah..semoga ruh arwah dicucuri rahmat.

take care fren!

Cheqna said...

n 2 $ for u as well..n hv a nice evening (chatbox did not function)


Sony said...

Now You Got Saturday nights with me.....

Where do you wanna go Princess?