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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lets Make Money From Your Website

hi fren, i'm back! still having some pain here n there but ths could not stop me from blogging, yeah! like older people said 'old habits die hard'. so while i surfing here, surfing there, blogwalking here,and blogwalking there..i found this one website which offer me how to make money with our own website.curious as a cat (hehehe) i just signed up (its free so nothing got to lose here). it's something like this...

Dear friend,
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so lo n behold, i just cut and paste the banner code in my website and also send the message to all my members in weblog, walla! in one nite i already got myself $6.40. i think it was not so bad. i dont have to do much but the money will keep coming (slow n steady la). so why not all of u try this? and one more thing, even though people clicked and not joining, u will still get 5 cents. awsome!! maybe u still cannot understand what i'm trying to tell but why dont u click open the link below to get it and see it for yourself. dont hesitate, just click.maybe u will thank me after this, who knows?? yeahhh...

click here please...or u cant click at the banner above. good luck!


Cheqna said...

good luck!..n good 2 know u r well 2day! :-)

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