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Monday, July 26, 2010

Betrayal of the first degree!!

i feel so sad...
i feel betrayed..
i trust u so much but u did this things to me..
i couldnt believe u could do this to me..
how can i trust u again?
the first time u did ths i forgive u..
but u keep repeating the same mistake again and again..

but this time it hurt me so much..
i want to cry but there is no more tears..
how could u do this to me?
why and why?

the only thing u should do is to ask..
i will give u all if u ask..
my mistake is to trust u too much..
i hope this will be the last..
if not dont ever utter the word SORRY again..
believe me..there is a limit to everything..
so pls listen carefully..
there will be no second chance...


bluedreamer27 said...

i am so sorry to here this from you.. i feel the message of your poem so much
i can somehow relate since i am once betrayed by someone

Cheqna said...

if this is a true happening, u must really be hurt to pen it down..but hope the matter is settled.

take care.

AzAzura said...

i understand...i had been betrayed too remember.Chin up , collect that courage again and ignore the stupidity of the people who don't appreciate you.The next time they come into your life.... and ask you Boleh? smile and say... boleh , boleh belah!
Smile chica, mwah mwah xxxx

Nonoy said...

This is too personal to comment about it. I just want to say to you to stay calm and wise.

It's been awhile. Two ki$$es for you to make you smile. :-)

fazrul arhan said...

Even it hurt you so much i believe there something you can learn from it. We learn a lot from the pain more from the happiness:)