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Monday, July 12, 2010

I am Sick!

My Simptoms

1. cough nonstop
2. sore throats
3. headache
4. fever
5. muscle pain
6. asthma

went to see a doctor.

1. nebulizer
2. injection at my buttock
3. lots of pills!



AzAzura said...

oh my god! poor waliz, hope you get well soon , you need loads of water, rest , hot soup and LOVE.Be well soon baby mwah, mwah, mwah

Cheqna said...

oh..pity u..get well soon!

n take care.

Jawed 007 said...

Hi- first i pray to god u soon get well, seen your symptom, take rest. this is seasonal don't worry hoping u will regain ur energy.It;s minor nothing else, but suggest you take rest, cough syrup and pill which doctor prescribe you!! It's ur personal diary intersting one. love to revisit ur blog!!Now going to kiss ur ad!! see u again and in wel condition and energetic way!