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Saturday, December 22, 2007

What's In My Purse

hmmmm...i've been tagged by my best friend Rolando...he wanted to see what are the things i put in my wallet...actually i got few purses/wallets i used according to my my lips..MY MOOD..not like some women i knew..they match their purse with their shoes or handbags..most of the time of the same colors...and i find this really amusing..hehehe! but i do match my purse and my handbag according to the brand..!

just few days ago i changed my Swank purse to my Guess...and now all of you can see what's in there..not much can see lots more in my HANDBAG...hmmmm

1. my credit card ( i seldom use this nowadays..i had baaaad experience and the trauma still there hahaha..lucky 'somebody' bailed me out!)now i'm older n can manage better..hmmm.

2. my debit card ( this one is post-paid..u pay first then splurge need to worry about monthly payment, interest etc...this is my saviour! can't live without it!! hahaha...

3. my identity card (it's called MyCard..must carry this around..if not i will be mistaken as a Indonesian Immigrant..:D)

4. my driving licence.

5. my jusco and tesco cards (to collect points everytime i do the shopping there)

6. my Popular and MPH cards ( to get discount everytime i purchase books..i'm a book lover..they give 5 - 15% discount)

7. my ATM cards-(4 of is to withdraw my salary..others is my saving account)

8. my PriorityClub cards (to use when i stay in Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza or Intercontinental)

and i have to put this card on top of each other because not enough space...hahaha
like Rolando..i also not carry much cash...but enough if i want to buy tidbits and things tht dont require big RM. must be very careful nowadays...

Let see if these next round of my friends have anything exciting in their purse/wallet and these guys are never been tagged by me before...hmmm..would love to see their reaction! and i want to add something here..u r not forced to do ths tagging if u want to keep it privacy...ok?

1. Wow
2. MaMan
3. mauniejames
4. chris
5. Dann

happy tagging guys...!!


Rolando said...

Hi Waliz, thanks for quickly posting your tag. Your wallet/purse looks to be neatly organized.

You must be the same. How will you buy coffee with no cash, like me lol.

Waliz, I was going to say, I'm wondering if you could take another picture. You have a lot of personal information showing and I would have for you to be a victim of identify fraud.

It's very common here and abroad. Just want to make sure you're safe :)

Thank you again for playing the tag.

bluedreamer27 said...

i feel ashame
dah i am a man and an 18 years old guy like me?
i am not fund of bringing purse but i do have wallet always
and i only put there my money and an ID
(if in case i am drunk from a party) hehehehe
i once lost my wallet with my CELLPHONE
gwargh!!!!!! i am such a careless
hope it gives you an advise
be careful with your wallet okay?

The All Seeing Eye said...

That's not too much... I have seen purses with a whole lot more in them.

waliz said...

hi rolando..thank god.. u r quick in giving comment..i never realize it at the first place..thnks again..

i've changed the pic already..and dont worry i still got enough cash to buy u coffee at Starbuck or Hard Rock to join me??

waliz said...

hi bluedreamer..nothing to be ashamed about..atleast now u can learn frm yr mistake...and this also reminds me to be xtra careful
next time..thanks

waliz said...

yeah theallseeingeye..i've seen the worst

AziS said...

manyak yer mcm sy cuma da mykad, lesen & kad gaji je..yg lain malas mau bawa ooo

waliz said...

actually i dont want to carry all my cards azis..but it seems everytime i want to purchase smthing.. then i regret never bring my cards i carry it all...!

WoW said...

I was blurred and shocked. I don't know what's going on initially casue I don't understand what do u mean by 'tagged by you'.

I thought 'tagged' must have got sth to do with 'linked to your post' or sth like that. My uncertainty cleared only after I read your post (still bit uncertain) and rolando post.

I was doubtful wheatherI should reveal my privacy (it's an unsafe world out there esp in the cyberspace). In order to share and at the same time my privacy could be safeguarded, so I posted this up.
(not too many cards huh compare to others hehe)

WoW said...

sori, this is the correct one

WoW said...

pardon me, i dont know why the full link is unable to show here. It should be


waliz said...

its ok WOW..i appreciate yr effort..but now know we have something in common..Popular card!!! aha..! r u a book lover too??

i understand many people is reluctant to show whts in their wallet..but really..the choice is yours...

thanks for participating in this tagging..for my eyes only huh?

WoW said...

I subscribed the card for fun only,hehe nothing else.

waliz said...

hahaha...its ok wow...nice to see whts in yr wallet..

Hye said...

Looks you have a lot of cards in your wallet. I carry my wallet always but I admit I only put there some cash, my ATM card, and some coins.

Take care and Merry Xmas :D

Dann said...

hey waliz..thanx for tagging..I will be happy to display my wallet..;). See ya..

Rolando said...

Hi Waliz, thanks for correcting the picture. I was sweating bullets thinking that someone could use your info for now good.

Coffee would be good. Oh wait I stopped drinking coffee. How about tea, lol.

waliz said...

Hye, cash is anytime better than cards..i wish i could do the same as you (always carrying cash!)..:D

waliz said...

Dann...cannot wait to see yr thick wallet...:D

waliz said...

Rolando..after thinking hard i think i change my mind..i will buy u a budweiser instead of tea or coffee..hahaha

how about that?

Rolando said...

hmmm, do you want to get me drunk or something? :)

Zen Chef said...

Waliizzzz, my god you've got so much plastic in your purse!
I try to stay away from credit cards now too... they are dangerou$$$$

eastdust said...

fuhhhh..kad2 je ke?? barang2 makeup?? hehehe..

waliz said...

people who got drunk is easy to manipulate Rolando...hahaha...this is my humble advice to u..!

waliz said...

zennnn...i wish i have more plastics!! hahaha...but a supplementary one...hahahaha...

dangerou$$$$? nothing can be more dangerous than u zen...hahaha

waliz said...

east dust...i put all my make up in my handbag dear..not in my wallet..not enough lipstick,powder,mascara bla, bla, bla......hehehe

Hannan said...

hahhaa... basically, u have all the atm card for every bank in Malaysia.. that's good! Sign of prosperity!!!...

waliz said...

yeah hannan..i hope one day i marry a banker..hahaha *wink*

eTomyam said...

The card I like most : The black n yellow with tiger head. My astrologer said it is magical can turn to cash anytime you to give it to me? for personal collectin, he hehe

posmen said...

uihh byk nye kad hang. aku bawak buku 555 je..


waliz said...

tomyam..that tiger card is one of my fav too..i wont give it to even u put gun at my head...hehehe

hey..i miss u la ..when did u come home!

waliz said...

Mr posmen...buku 555 pun ok apa...

tulis dulu ye tokeyyyy...hehehe

nice to see you here!

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